Email Directory

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Fr. Allan DaCorte, ofm, M.Div., President:

Mr. Steve Suding, Executive Vice President:

Mr. David Stec ’86, Principal:

Mr. Gary Jennrich, Dean of Students:

Br. Tom Carroll, ofm, Academic Dean:

Mrs. Linda Darus Clark, Professional Development:

Mr. Virgildee Daniel, Director of Counseling:

Mr. Kevin Leigh ’89, Director of Athletics:

Campus Ministry

Mr. Matthew Harley, Director:

Mr. Chris Zgrabik, Assistant Campus Minister:

Mrs. Becky Popiel, Administrative Assistant:

Athletic Office

Mr. Kevin Leigh ’89, Athletic Director:

Mr. Brian Raymont ’06, Assistant Athletic Director:

Mr. Mike Polevacik, Associate Athletic Director:

Mrs. Janet Apathy, Administrative Assistant:

Institutional Advancement Office

Mrs. Arlene Gagliardo, Vice President of Institutional Advancement:

Mrs. Stephanie Hartman ’96, Alumni/Constituent Relations Director:

Ms. Erin Hall, Manager of Annual Giving:

Mrs. Amy DiMarco ’91, Events Coordinator:

Mrs. Elaine Heinzerling ’86, Advancement Services Manager:

Marketing and Public Relations

For advertising inquiries, contact Mrs. Kammy Shuman ’88:

For public relations, contact Mrs. Rachel (Teron) DeGirolamo ’02:

Admissions and Recruitment

Mrs. Ann Marie Frattare ’94, Admissions Coordinator:

Br. Tom Carroll, ofm, Director of International Program:

Mrs. Kammy Shuman ’88, Recruitment Coordinator:

Executive Assistant

Mrs. Nancy Monnin:

Attendance Office

Mrs. Denise Frantz:

Ms. Marianne Cohagan:

General Office

Mrs. Liz Scholz, General Office Manager:


Mrs. Alexandra Frech:


Mrs. Lynnette Zimmerli:

Technology Department

Mr. Richard Tramont, Technology Coordinator:

Mr. Nathan Orr, Technology Support Staff:

Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Mary Zolkowski, Intervention Specialist:


Call with medical questions at 440.845.2444, ext.146