School Profile


Padua Franciscan High School is located at 6740 State Road in Parma, Ohio; it can be reached from I-77 via the Pleasant Valley Road exit. Travel west on Pleasant Valley Road to State Road; turn north. The school is on the west side, approximately one mile north of Pleasant Valley Road.

From I-71 North or South: Exit at Bagley Road (Pleasant Valley Road), travel east on Bagley/Pleasant Valley to State Road, turn north on State, travel one mile to the high school.

From I-480: Exit at State Road, travel south approximately three miles to the high school.

Administrative Team

President: Fr. Allan DaCorte, ofm, M.Div.
Executive Vice President:  Mr. Stephen Suding, M.A., M. Div.
Principal: Mr. David G. Stec, M.A.
Academic Dean: Br. Tom Carroll, O.F.M., M.A.
Dean of Students: Mr. Gary Jennrich, M.S.
Director of Professional Development: Mrs. Linda Darus Clark, B.A.
Director of Guidance: Mr. Virgildee Daniel, M.A., M.Ed.
Director of Campus Ministry: Mr. Matthew Harley, M.A.
Director of Athletics: Mr. Kevin Leigh ’89, M.A.

High School Facts

Founded in 1961, Padua Franciscan High School is a coed college preparatory high school with approximately 800 students. The school year consists of two 90-day semesters with four 9-week grading periods. The school day consists of eight 41-minute periods and a 23-minute lunch period. Faculty, plus administrative and counseling staff, total 67.  Forty-two of these have master’s degrees or beyond.


Padua is accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, as well as the Ohio Catholic Accrediting Association.  Padua holds a college preparatory charter from the State of Ohio.

Graduation Requirements

A total of 24 credits are required for graduation, including:  Theology, 4 credits; Social Studies, 3 credits; Mathematics, 3 credits (4 credits as of 2014); Foreign Language, 2 credits; Science, 3 credits (3 lab sciences as of 2013); Fine Arts, 1 credit; Physical Education, 1/2 credit; Health, 1/2 credit; Computer Science, 1/2 credit, and 2 1/2 credits of electives.  All Padua Franciscan students are required to perform yearly Christian Service.

Padua offers 23 Honors classes and 9 Advanced Placement classes.


Five certified counselors provide a comprehensive guidance program.

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Padua Franciscan High School is both an SAT and an ACT test administration center.  We offer the PSAT/NMSQT each October on the Wednesday test date.

SAT/ACT School Code:  364018

Learning Disability and Remedial Services are available.

Mobile Unit

Mrs. Mary Zolkowski – Intervention Specialist (Monday-Friday)
Phone: 440.845.2444 x149 Fax: 440.845.5710

Ms. Mary Beth Bennett – Intervention Specialist/Tutor (Monday-Friday)

Mrs. Sal Karanouh-Schuler – School Psychologist (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Phone: 440.888.3440 Fax: 440.845.5710

Mrs. Gina Smith – Speech Pathologist (Tuesday)
Phone: 440.888.3440 Fax: 440.845.5710

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College Representatives

Padua Franciscan High School welcomes college representatives.  Please contact Mrs. Marti Holzheimer, Guidance Department Secretary, at least three weeks in advance.

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MTInstituted with the entry of the Class of 2013, MedTrack is an advanced science and math program for highly motivated students with strong interest in one of the myriad of careers in healthcare.  Combining a spirituality rooted in the lives of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi with both a rigorous academic curriculum and many hours of direct contact experiences with a range of healthcare professionals, the program seeks to prepare students in the Franciscan healing tradition for a lifetime of service in careers related to science and medicine.

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