Faculty Directory


More than half of our faculty members have at least one master’s degree or beyond

Computer Science/Business

Mrs. Susan Fatica, Chair: sfatica@paduafranciscan.com
Mr. Ronald Flachbart ’65: rflachbart@paduafranciscan.com
Mr. Rich Kirkpatrick:  rkirkpatrick@paduafranciscan.com
Mr. Tony Shuman ’91: tshuman@paduafranciscan.com


Mr. Virgildee Daniel, M.A., M.Ed., Chair: vdaniel@paduafranciscan.com
Ms. Meredith Bertin ’04, M.Ed., LPCC, CDCA: mbertin@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Jennifer Holz, M.Ed, L.P.C.: jholz@paduafranciscan.com
Mr. Andrew Shuman ’95, M.Ed.: ashuman@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Mary Lou Sidoti, M.Ed: msidoti@paduafranciscan.com                                          Mrs. Melissa Smyth, M.Ed msmyth@paduafranciscan.com


Ms. Anne Bilancini: abilancini@paduafranciscan.com                                                    Mrs. Meghan Schepis, Chair: mschepis@paduafranciscan.com
Ms. Rebecca Gellott: rgellott@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Alyssa (Latevola) Kozich ’08: akozich@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Brenda Kuvin: bkuvin@paduafranciscan.com
Mr. Eric Larson: elarson@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Elizabeth Oles Smith: eosmith@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Erika Smith: ersmith@paduafranciscan.com

Fine Arts

Mrs. Tamara Plasterer, Chair: tplasterer@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Shirley Boynar: sboynar@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Andrea (Fatica) Mikolajczyk ’02: amikolajczyk@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Mary Remington: mremington@paduafranciscan.com
Ms. Laura Stroempl: lstroempl@paduafranciscan.com
Mr. Mark Wozniak ’97: mwozniak@paduafranciscan.com

Foreign Language

Mrs. Melissa Kinzie, Chair: mkinzie@paduafranciscan.com
Br. Tom Carroll, O.F.M.: tcarroll@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Jo-Anne Hipkins: jhipkins@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Christine Kozarik: ckozarik@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Brenda Kuvin: bkuvin@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Patricia Longinie: plonginie@paduafranciscan.com
Mr. Benjamin Lupica: blupica@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Carolina Niro: cniro@paduafranciscan.com


Mrs. Alexandra Frech: afrech@paduafranciscan.com


Mrs. Janine Akstens, Chair: jakstens@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Susan Fatica: sfatica@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Debra Green: dgreen@paduafranciscan.com
Mr. Thomas Kohuth: tkohuth@paduafranciscan.com
Dcn. Tom Litwinowicz: tlitwinowicz@paduafranciscan.com
Mr. Jim Roth: jroth@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Karen Stalder: kstalder@paduafranciscan.com
Ms. Maryanne Zamborsky: mzamborsky@paduafranciscan.com


Mrs. Laurie Keco Grabowski ’89: lgrabowski@paduafranciscan.com

Physical Education/Health

Mr. Jason Lantz, Chair: jlantz@paduafranciscan.com
Mr. Mitchell Gerycz: mgerycz@paduafranciscan.com
Mr. Kevin Kubit: kkubit@paduafranciscan.com


Mrs. Kim Stein ’92, Chair: kstein@paduafranciscan.com
Mr. Antonello Cotugno: ncotugno@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Kathleen Craider: kcraider@paduafranciscan.com
Dr. Kathy Gorbach: kgorbach@paduafranciscan.com
Mr. Seth Jennrich ’95: sjennrich@paduafranciscan.com
Mr. Erik Ranker: eranker@paduafranciscan.com
Mr. John Shipitalo: jshipitalo@paduafranciscan.com                                                        Mrs. Erika Smeader: esmeader@paduafranciscan.com

Social Studies

Mrs. Linda Clark, Chair: lclark@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Joan Giulivo: jgiulivo@paduafranciscan.com
Mr. Timothy Giulivo: tgiulivo@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Roseanna Green: rgreen@paduafranciscan.com
Mr. Mike Polevacik: mpolevacik@paduafranciscan.com                                                  Mr. James Mullen: jmullen@paduafranciscan.com
Mr. Dave Sabo: dsabo@paduafranciscan.com


Mr. Robert Di Rocco, Chair: bdirocco@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Amy DeCesare: adecesare@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Joan Giulivo: jgiulivo@paduafranciscan.com
Ms. Mary Jane Reffert: mreffert@paduafranciscan.com
Mrs. Carolyn Torkos: ctorkos@paduafranciscan.com
Ms. Lora Winger: lwinger@paduafranciscan.com                                                            Mr. Chris Zgrabik: czgrabik@paduafranciscan.com 

Many of our faculty members also teach at the college level at schools including:

  • Baldwin Wallace University
  • Cuyahoga Community College
  • John Carroll University
  • Kent State University
  • Notre Dame College
  • University of Akron
  • Ursuline College

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