Full-Time Biology & Earth Science Teacher

Padua Franciscan High School, the largest co-ed Catholic high school in Northeast Ohio, is seeking a full-time Biology and Earth Science teacher for the 2017-2018 school year.  Applicants must be certified grades 7-12.  Qualified candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to Mr. David Stec, Principal at dstec@paduafranciscan.com.

Biology Course Description

Year-long one credit class offered to students in grades 9 and 10. Biology is a required, laboratory-based course for all freshmen. It is designed to use scientific inquiry as a problem-solving approach to understand how living systems function and interact with their physical environment. Topics include biochemistry; cells, genetics; evolution; diversity and adaptations of organisms; regulation and behavior; and ecology.

Earth Science Course Description

Year-long one credit class offered to students in grades 10, 11, 12. Requirement: Successful completion of Biology Earth Science is a laboratory course involving the study of weather, space, the earth and the oceans. The weather unit studies the processes and elements of weather and climate and their effects on man. The astronomy unit is an introduction to space science with emphasis on mythology and anthropology as opposed to the physics aspects of astronomy. The geology unit of the course studies the geological processes that have formed the earth (earthquakes, volcanoes, and erosion) and an introduction to rocks and minerals. This also includes the historical aspects of our earth, including a short study of historical life (dinosaurs). The ocean unit is intertwined with weather, climate and geology. Emphasis is placed upon the observational aspect of weather, space, and the earth, as well as local concerns. This course is offered to sophomores who have successfully completed Biology and do not have the required math skills to be successful in Chemistry; otherwise it is offered to juniors and seniors.