New Traffic Pattern & Parking Changes

DCIM100MEDIAWe are excited to announce that a new addition and renovation project will begin soon at Padua Franciscan High School.  There will be an expanded lobby added to the front entrance of the school.  And several rooms will be renovated: the General Offices, the Bruin Shop and the Athletic Office.  This project will increase the safety and security of the school as well as provide for a more comfortable and spacious lobby area.  This new project does not come without a few temporary inconveniences.

  1. Parking in front of the Padua building – Many of the parking spaces will be taken up by construction equipment and activity.  Anyone having a parking space in the front of the school will be re-located either to the back parking lots or to the St. Anthony parking lot.  Mrs. Frantz will be contacting anyone who will be re-located.  There will still be a limited number of visitor and handicapped parking spaces in the front.  Look for temporary signage.
  2. Traffic pattern in front of the school – The drop-off and pick-up of students will continue to take place in the front of the school.  The traffic flow will continue to be “one-way” around the school building.  However, the current 2-lane route directly in front of the school will be re-located to a new 2-lane route that parallels the fence of the baseball fields.  The new route will be marked by signs and construction barrels.  Look for the temporary signage. MAP: Click here to view the new traffic pattern.
  3. Effective Date – The exact date that construction will begin has not yet been determined.  However, the changes indicated above will take effect on April 10 and continue through June 9.
  4. Entrance to the main lobby – Safe and secure access to the school through the front entrance will be maintained until the end of the school year.  During the summer, construction will block access to the front entrance.  Details about summer parking and access to the building will be communicated to you in early June.

This is an exciting project for Padua Franciscan High School.  If you have any questions, please contact Principal Dave Stec or Executive Vice President Steve Suding.