Padua Students Smash National AP Gov Exam Stats!

If our students are the best measure of Padua’s educational quality, then the proof was in the results of the AP Government exam given May 15. Of the 35 students who took the test, 34 students earned a score of at least 3 (a score of 3 out of a possible 5 is necessary to achieve college credit). The Padua results translate into a 97% passage rate, compared to a national passage rate of 52%.  A total of 231,000 students took the test across the United States.

While the high passage rate is impressive in itself, the actual results illustrate the power of knowledge.  An amazing 86% (30 out of 35) of these Padua students earned a 4 or 5.  Nationally, only 28% of the test takers achieved this level.  Moreover, 46% earned a top score of 5!

“Overall, the results from this year’s AP Gov classes are the best ever!” said Mr. Timothy Guilivo, Padua’s instructor of AP/Honors United States Government and Politics.