PHOTO GALLERY: Students Visit Austria & Germany

This summer some students spent two weeks abroad in Austria and Germany. One of the highlights was visiting our sister school Ursulaschule in Osnabrück, Germany.

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Frau Kuvin and Mrs. Rosie Green headed out with 10 Padua students on June 7th for a 12-day trip to Austria and Germany.

After 4 days in Munich, Salzburg and Nuremburg, the group headed up to Osnabrück, Germany to visit Padua’s sister school Ursulaschule.

The families from Ursulaschule welcomed our Padua students into their homes to experience German family life first hand.  “The difference between the beginning of the trip and when we are in Osnabrück is that we aren’t tourists.  We get to experience everyday life and form a special bond with the people we stayed with.” – Sonia Whitford.

Ursulaschule is in session until the second week of July, so our students were able to experience school life in Germany as well.

Interested in hosting an Ursulaschule student for 10 days this April?  Interested in travelling to Germany/Austria with Frau Kuvin in the summer of 2017?  Contact Frau Kuvin at