Senior Chromebook Purchase (April 22 – April 29)

As you may have heard your senior’s Chromebook is available for purchase for $100.00.

Whether you decide to purchase or not, you must complete the online form by April 29th, as we need to determine how many units are being sent back to the leasing company.

Here is a link to purchase or opt out of purchasing:

Use the parent login information you were given to complete your student forms prior to the beginning of the school year. Please contact Sue Brizius at if you cannot remember your login information.

 Here are the instructions and timeline for the process:

We will be collecting ALL Chromebooks the week of Final Exams, May 18th through May 21.There will two tables in the Gym on the exam days. One is for returning Chromebooks, the other will be for Chromebooks that have been purchased. On May 18th and 19th, the tables will be setup from 1st to 4th periods.  May 20th and May 21st, check in at the tables will be available from 5th/6th until the end of the day.

1)      If you are returning the Chromebook, we will need the White box it originally came in, the charger, and the actual Chromebook. However, if your unit has a lot of cosmetic damage (cracks, missing pieces, etc.) the leasing company will not accept it, so you should consider purchasing the unit as the cost of repairs or replacement could exceed the $100 purchase price. You will be responsible for damage to the unit.

2)      If you have purchased the Chromebook, you will need to drop it off at the table so that a technician can reset your Chromebook for personal use. You will also need to let the technician know what time you will be picking it up.

You can arrange to pickup your Chromebook the same day after you finish your last exam of the day. You will not need to bring your box and charger if you purchased the Chromebook. Since we need the Chromebooks back for the leasing company in a timely fashion, the cutoff for filing insurance claims or warranty claims for current damage will also be May 1 as we have a 2 to 3 week turn-around time on Chromebooks that have to be sent out. If you have purchased the unit, this time period may be extended but we will have to make arrangements for a special pick-up in case it is not back by the end of exam week.