Prayer Blanket Ministry

A Franciscan Response to Those in Need

prayer blanketSt. Francis and St. Clare responded to those who were in need.  Whether the need was physical or spiritual they responded in a loving and caring way.  We at Padua Franciscan High School attempt to live in the spirit of St. Francis and St. Clare as we too reach out to those in need.

One of the ways in which our community reaches out is by providing Prayer Blankets for those who need encouragement, are ill, and families of deceased loved ones.

When we learn that a student, parent, sibling or alumni is ill or in need of encouragement and strength we begin praying for them. The Prayer Blankets are made specifically for Padua Franciscan High School; they are free of charge through Campus Ministry for those who request one.

These blankets are blessed, prayed over by our students and faculty/staff, and then presented to the person. Along with the blanket they are given a printed version of our Blanket Prayer, suitable for framing.

In addition, students often make cards for the person who is ill, assuring them of our prayers and support. The acts of prayerful card making and praying over the blankets help our students learn to live in the spirit of St. Francis and St. Clare.

Because we do not charge anything for the prayer blankets, your donations to this Franciscan Response for those in need are very welcome. Please make checks payable to Padua Franciscan High School, Campus Ministry and we will continue to pass your caring response on to others.

If you know of someone who could use a Prayer Blanket or you would like to help this program continue through your donation, please contact Mr. Matt Harley at or call us at 440-845-2444 ext. 132.

A Prayer over the Blanket and our Friend

Lord God, we remember that (Name)
is constantly surrounded by your loving presence.

We ask you to bless her and keep her
safe in your peace and healing.

We ask that it remind her of your love
that surrounds her each and every day.

Let (Name) know of your love
as it is expressed through our Padua Franciscan Community
and all those who minister to her.

We ask you to bless the doctors and nurses
that they may make good decisions.

We ask you to bless the medications
that they will help (Name)’s body to heal quickly
with no side effects.

We ask you to fill (Name) with your healing presence that she may heal quickly.
We ask these things as we ask all things in Jesus’ name…