Summer Reading List 2017

About Padua’s Summer Reading Program

Every student who plans to enter or return to Padua for the new academic year is required to conscientiously fulfill the “SUMMER READING PROGRAM.” All students will read/study books according to their grade and level. Students will be expected to thoroughly analyze the book, paying special attention to its plot structure, characterization, setting, symbolism, tone, style, theme, literary/historical significance, etc. The book will become the subject matter for instruction, discussion and evaluation in the first days of school. Written assignments, projects and/or objective testing can be expected as a part of the Summer Reading Program. Summer reading questions will be available online and (EXCEPT for Honors 9, 10 & 11 classes) are meant only as a study guide and will not be collected. (AP 12 has a separate assignment.)

Summer Reading List 2017

Click here to access the Padua Summer Reading List for the 2017-2018 school year. 

Summer Reading Info & Study Guide Questions

Click here to access Summer Reading Study Guide Questions.

Suggestions & Reminders

While purchasing the summer reading selection(s) is not required, some students find it helpful to mark notes on the pages. If you are interested in purchasing the book, fair prices can often be found online at Barnes & Noble, Half Price Books,, etc. or you can find these selections at most bookstores. Other students prefer to obtain their book(s) from the Cuyahoga County Public Library or the Medina County Public Library.

Whether you opt to purchase or to loan the summer reading selection(s), please hold onto the book(s) throughout the beginning of the school year.  Most students will be required to write an essay based on the summer reading selection(s) during the first weeks of school, and classes participate in discussion and activities based on the book(s) during that time as well. For those reasons, students must have the book with them during the first few weeks of school, so be sure to hold onto your book(s) for class even once you have finished reading and completing your questions (if required).