Teachers’ Tutorial Schedule

All Teachers at Padua Franciscan High School are available for tutoring assistance.  Click on the link below to find the tutorial schedule:

Tutorial Schedules for 2019-2020

More tutorial help on your own

The following people are also available to help students:

Support Staff

Mrs. Mary Zolkowski – Intervention Specialist (Monday-Friday)
Phone: 440.845.2444 x149 Fax: 440.845.5710

Mrs. Sal Karanouh-Schuler – School Psychologist (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Phone: 440.888.3440 Fax: 440.845.5710

Mrs. Gina Smith – Speech Pathologist (Tuesday)
Phone: 440.888.3440 Fax: 440.845.5710

Mr. David Gutin (Monday-Thursday 10:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.)
Math Tutor