Learning Disability Program

About Our Learning Disabilities Program

The purpose of the Learning Disabilities program is to educate students to the maximum of their potential, increase the students’ opportunities for success, and to prepare for ongoing educational experiences.  The classes are unique in that they are taught to the individual needs, goals, and objectives in their education/service plan.  Because students’ learning rates and styles vary considerably, the need for flexibility is established with individual student expectations. Curriculum from the regular English classes and Algebra IA class will be mandated.  Specific areas concentrated on include the writing process (sentences, paragraphs, essays, reports); grammar, mechanics, and usage; proofreading skills; reading decoding skills and reading comprehension in literature; math computation, reasoning, and applied problems. Each class will focus in these areas depending on the need of the individual students.

Areas of Emphasis

The following areas will be emphasized in the particular grades:

  • English 9Sentence structure, paragraphs, essays, grammar, reading fluency, reading comprehension, and vocabulary
  • English 10 – Paragraphs, essays, speech, reading comprehension, and vocabulary
  • English 11Paragraph and essay writing, grammar, style, mechanics, proofreading, reading comprehension, literary elements, research reports, and vocabulary
  • English 12Essay writing, mechanics, proofreading, vocabulary, style, reading comprehension, literary elements, and research reports
  • Math 9 Variables and equations, absolute values, properties and integers, polynomials, factoring, and applied problems

Goals & Objectives

Students in the L.D. program have goals and objectives in an Individual Service Plan that the intervention specialist monitors quarterly.  The intervention specialist meets with each individual teacher and discusses possible accommodations appropriate for each class.  Common Core Standards will be implemented at each grade level.


How many students participate in the L.D. Program? We have a maximum of 24 spots in the program (ranging from freshmen to seniors).

Does Padua accept the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship? Padua started accepting the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship in January 2017.

Can We Serve Your Student?

If your student is interested in coming to Padua for 9th-12th grade, please email, fax or mail a copy of your son/daughter’s IEP and ETR (from 7th or 8th grade) to Ann Marie Frattare. Our school psychologist will review the paperwork and let you know if we can meet your child’s educational needs.

Support Staff

Mrs. Mary Zolkowski
Intervention Specialist (Monday-Friday)
Phone: 440.845.2444 x149 Fax: 440.845.5710

Ms. Mary Beth Bennett
Intervention Specialist/Tutor (Monday-Friday)

Mrs. Sal Karanouh-Schuler 
School Psychologist (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Phone: 440.888.3440 Fax: 440.845.5710

Mrs. Gina Smith
Speech Pathologist (Tuesday)
Phone: 440.888.3440 Fax: 440.845.5710

Mr. David Gutin (Monday-Thursday 10:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.)
Math Tutor