Advancing the Mission of Padua Franciscan High School

When you make a gift to Padua, you partner with our Padua Franciscan ministry and make a positive difference in the lives of our students.

The beauty of Padua’s family is that the sense of family and community is everywhere. Trying to name my favorite teacher is an impossible task. They all deserve to be mentioned as notable and awesome. I will never forget all the good times in Honors Chemistry which, because of the teachers, became my favorite subject. I started with Honors Chemistry and loved the class so much that I took AP Chemistry. My favorite part is synthesizing and solving patterns with the aid of the periodic table. (Lynsey ’17)

I signed up for MedTrack because I really want to be a doctor. MedTrack has given me some great experiences and really challenged me academically. I had an externship at the transplant unit at University Hospital and did some volunteering at MedWish. I want to get my GPA above a 4.5 because I want to end my time at Padua on a strong note. I am hoping to get into either Notre Dame or Xavier because they both have excellent pre-med programs. I really feel that MedTrack is preparing me for the future, even if it turns out that medicine isn’t the path that God wants me on.  I have worked hard to give myself a good moral base and I do not want that to change. In fact, I want it to grow. (Steven ’17)

Since attending Padua, I’ve grown more confident in the knowledge I possess. I have learned how to write eloquent essays, study proficiently for tests, and explore my spiritual side. Overall, attending Padua was a formative experience. I like Padua’s rigorous course load, accompanied by teachers who care. I really feel that I have gotten an amazing education at Padua, and the nurturing, spiritual environment only made my Padua experience even better. (Sarah ’17)

You are the reason we can give our students the strong academic foundation they need to succeed.  Your gift will allow Padua students to achieve academic excellence and live out a lifelong commitment to Christ.

Your generous donation to our annual giving campaign will be used to provide the tools our students need to develop their special talents.  Padua Franciscan tradition encourages each student to discover and grow their unique combination of human, spiritual, and Christian dimensions.

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