Padua Plus+ Campaign

Advancing the Mission of Padua Franciscan High School

We are very excited about the PaduaPlus+ Campaign and the promise it brings to the school. The improvements are tied to our vision of Padua Franciscan as a first-tier institution that is beyond college preparatory that will continue to attract students.

In 2014, Padua launched the PaduaPlus+ Campaign with a goal to raise $5.5 million to firmly establish Padua as a school Beyond College Prep.™ In order to maintain its position as a first tier educational institution within northern Ohio, Padua must have facilities and a learning environment equal to the task.

Padua Plus Campain

Please join us to honor our heritage and provide more opportunities for deserving students. Help us continue to attract and retain outstanding scholars to further enhance the Padua experience. Partner with us to continue to transform the lives of our students and those they impact in Northeast Ohio and around the world.

It is time to invest in our greatest asset, our students, by providing the environment and tools needed to foster intellectual curiosity, creative thinking, problem solving, communication skills, and a thirst for lifelong learning.

Padua Plus Campaign

For more information on how you can make a difference, contact the Advancement Office at 440.845.8224.