Padua Plus+ Campaign: PRIORITIES

Advancing the Mission of Padua Franciscan High School

The Padua Franciscan High School administration and Board of Trustees publicly announced the $5.5 million PaduaPlus+ Campaign on April 22, 2017. The campaign, which quietly began in 2014, will help us build on our Franciscan tradition of educational excellence. Construction began on May 1, 2017.

Click here to see photos of Phase 4 summer construction.

Click here to see renderings of Phase 4 summer construction 2019.

Click here to see photos of Phase 3’s completion.

Click here to see photos of Phase 2’s completion.

The campaign will support efforts to restore, renew, innovate and grow in the following areas:

  1. Restore: Construction of new entrances with emphasis on improved student services and security
  2. Renew: Replacement of windows and locker rooms
  3. Innovate: Complete redesign of science laboratories and renovation of all classrooms
  4. Grow: Direct tuition assistance


In order to offer an increased level of safety and security, we renovated our Main Entrance and Lobby. The new, enlarged Main Entrance adds 3,000 square feet to the front of the school. An additional set of doors provides enhanced security and traffic control. The first two phases of construction began in the spring of 2017. They were completed in winter of 2017.

Phase three of Padua’s construction occurred during the summer of 2018, which included the full renovation and reconfiguration of the Chemistry Labs, along with the beginning restoration of the Physics, Environmental Science and Earth Science Labs.

Phase four, which took place during the summer of 2019, includes a 1,300 square foot expansion of the Northeast Entrance, and has been named The Kohuth Atrium. The addition of a protective canopy and lobby area has eliminated carrying of hazardous snow, ice and water onto stairways and nearby floors. The space is used by students as a key drop-off and pick-up entrance.

In the Franciscan spirit of hospitality, both entrances will be more welcoming. They will  offer functionality by including lounge areas with seating, where students can socialize or study while awaiting transportation.

The General Office renovation improves traffic flow for visitors and students.

The Athletic Office expansion better meets the needs of student-athletes and their families.

The Bruin Shop expansion and renovation includes a dressing room, storage and an additional entrance, which allows guests to enter directly from the new lobby.

Padua Bruin Shop Proposal


We must ensure our building continues to meet the needs of our students, faculty and staff, from the inside out. It was necessary to replace original windows throughout the school with energy efficient, vinyl clad, double pane windows, as well as to add secure glass block on all lower-level windows.

Padua Windows

With more than 500 students participating in athletics each year, renovating the locker rooms became important for both current and prospective students. Reconstruction of the Boys Locker Room is complete.  Renovation of the Girls Locker Room is forthcoming.

Padua Locker Room

Providing a comprehensive approach to student health and wellness is integral to the Padua experience.  A donor approached us with the idea to convert a storage room into a space for both performing arts and physical education purposes, such as Dance Team practice, fitness classes and other activities. This project is complete; a Dance Studio has been added to the lower-level.

Padua Dance Studio


Part of Padua’s mission is to provide the environment and tools needed to foster intellectual curiosity, creative thinking, problem solving and a thirst for lifelong learning. To support our students’ academic experience, we must renovate all of our classrooms. This involves the addition of modern drop ceilings, new lighting, fresh paint, carpet tile flooring and whiteboards.

In an effort to support a strong science curriculum for all students and enhance our MedTrack program (which helps students explore and prepare for careers in science and healthcare), we must renovate two chemistry labs, one prep room and two physics labs. This involves walls, floors, plumbing, ventilation, wiring, lighting, and new lab workstations.


We must provide competitive scholarships and tuition assistance to continue to attract and retain talented students who will make an impact on our community and all over the world. Scholarships and tuition assistance help shape each class, creating an academically talented and socially diverse student body that enriches the Padua experience.