Hosting an International Student

International Students

Padua Franciscan High School has enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to bring the world to our door steps by welcoming foreign exchange students every fall.  We are looking for host families who will join us in the mission to support advancement of global diversity in our school while simultaneously sharing faith.

Host families play a vital role in the life of an international student by providing a safe and loving home to these brave students.  Hosting also provides you the opportunity to open your heart, share your family and faith, and expand your worldview as you experience first-hand about another culture.

Host families are asked to provide the following for the entire school year or one semester:

  • Caring family & living environment
  • 3 meals a day
  • Bed
  • Opportunities for American cultural experiences
  • Opportunities to participate in the Padua community

Please prayerfully consider if this is an opportunity for you and your family. For more information, please contact at or by phone at 440-845-2444.