Meet Our Forever Franciscan Society Donors

Larry J. Fechko ’72

Larry J. Fechko ’72, of Mechanicstown, Ohio has been called a ‘gentleman farmer’ by classmate and friend, Jerry Jindra. In actuality, Larry is a retired engineer who now spends his days doing what he loves — being outdoors taking care of 306+ acres of beautiful countryside. He shared the story of why he and his late wife Val made the joint decision to make a significant bequest to Padua.

“My wife and I were blessed with successful careers and a comfortable life. As we approached retirement, we discussed how we would like to help others less fortunate than us. Education is important to us, especially helping young people get a good foundation for college during their high school years.

“Forty–two years after graduation from Padua in ‘72, I toured the campus with Jerry Jindra ’70. While walking the hallways, many great memories came back to me. I was impressed to learn how Padua was on the leading forefront, providing new programs that would better prepare students for college and the working world.

“I made the decision to leave a significant percentage of my estate to Padua when I pass on through my Trust. I feel comfortable that the leaders of Padua will channel my donation in the best direction to guarantee Padua’s future and to benefit its students. I have great memories of four years that went too fast and want to be a part of creating great memories for future Paduan’s.”

Elaine’86 and Brian ’86 Heinzerling

Elaine’86 and Brian ’86 Heinzerling recently made a commitment to secure the future of Padua through a life insurance policy naming Padua as the sole beneficiary. Elaine and Brian’s love for their alma mater began with their own ‘love story’. A friendship that began in high school later blossomed to marriage and a family of Bruin’s, including John ’17, Pete ’20 and Brenna ’22. The Heinzerling’s not only give their treasure, but also their time and talent. They are two of the key people responsible for the popular Red, White & Brew’n alumni fundraising event. Elaine is a part of the Advancement Office team at Padua and says there isn’t anywhere she would rather be. “Padua has become like home to me, Brian and our children”. For that reason, Brian and Elaine made the decision to include Padua in their gift planning. “It is the easiest way to contribute now, and make a difference for our children as well as future students”, stated Brian.

Scott and Laurie Keco Grabowski ’89

In 2008, Laurie Keco Grabowski ’89 left the corporate world behind to work at Padua Franciscan High School. After experiencing first hand all the wonderful things that the school was (and is) doing, she and her husband Scott felt strongly that they should make a lasting gift to help make Padua affordable to the next generation of students. They established a life insurance policy in the name of the Endowment Trust. Their premium payments earned them tax deductions, which made this giving technique more financially attractive to them. The proceeds from this policy will strengthen The Keco Family Fund, which will be established from the policy proceeds of her parents, George and Julianne Keco.