Wed., April 8

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Named Endowment Scholarship Funds

Jill Allen ’10 Fund
Bart Family Fund
Jack & Sally Brody Fund
James Bucci Fund
Arlene & Charles Carroll Fund
Class of 1970 Scholarship Fund
Don ’68 & Kathy Cybulski Fund
Walter L. Dolan, ofm, Fund
Ellis Family Fund
Endowment for Faculty Development
Endowment for Financial Aid
Endowment for Friar Development
Endowment for Technology
Endowment for General Use
Catherine R. Fredecker Nursing Fund
GAR Foundation Fund
Lillian J. Gathers Fund
Paul ’69 & Elizabeth Gierosky Fund
Giulivo Fund
Theodore J. Haag, ofm, Fund
James ’81 & Edward ’81 Higdon Fund
Jentner Family Fund
Robert & Myrtle Jira Fund
Joyce Family Fund
Dennis ’68 & Barbara Juliani Fund
Robert & Grace Kane Fund
Knowles Fund
Capt. Mark A. Koler ’87, MD Memorial Fund
Michael B. Kurtz ’98 Memorial Fund
Sheana Lehman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Liggett Memorial Fund
J.J. Marino ’08 Fund
Miluk & McLemore Family Fund
Endowment F.J. O’Neill Charitable Corp. Fund
Art Pekar Memorial Fund
Schuessler Fund
Secular Franciscans Fund
Casey Brian Shuman Fund
Simonetti Family Fund
Special Siblings Fund
Dennis J. Spisak Fund