Bruins Score Perfect (36) and Near-Perfect (35) on ACT

May 1st, 2022 | News, News 2022

Padua junior Alex Quang ’23 earned a perfect score on the ACT standardized college admissions test. Less than .5% of all ACT test-takers around the world receive a perfect score.

“This accomplishment means a lot to me,” Quang said. “I worked very hard to get it, and it took a few attempts before I could put together a perfect score.”

Alex is in Padua’s MedTrack, an award-winning advanced healthcare program. MedTrack Director Laurie Grabowski ’89 describes him as an achiever at the highest level. “He earned nearly straight A+ grades during a tough semester of junior year with five Honors or AP classes.”

Quang was quick to credit his peers for playing a part in his academic success. “All of my classmates at Padua played a huge role, since they’re a huge reason I enjoy showing up to school every day.”

He is a graduate of Sts. Joseph & John School. He said he plans to attend the best possible college he can get into and major in aerospace engineering.

Junior Tommy Futey ’23 scored a 35 on his ACT. Less than .9% of students world-wide get a 35 or above. Tommy is a graduate of St. Michael School.

Futey was filled with gratitude. “Thank you to all of the great people in my life who support me and help me achieve as much as I can,” he said.

Principal Bob DiRocco expressed that Alex and Tommy are outstanding Bruins. “Their hard work, focus, and determination are exemplary,” DiRocco said. “They are also newly inducted members of the St. Bonaventure Chapter of the National Honor Society, so while their dedication to scholarship comes as no surprise to those who know them, this is a significant accomplishment which we are happy to celebrate.”

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