Christmas For Others 2020

November 15th, 2020 | News, News 2020

December is the most wonderful time of the year at Padua Franciscan High School. All month long our students, faculty, staff and alumni participate in our Christmas For Others fundraiser. CFO is a program designed to make the holidays brighter for the less fortunate. It is the largest student-run fundraiser in Northeast Ohio.

Christmas For Others 2020 Collections
Padua will be collecting a number of items for non-profits and worthy causes.
You can drive up to Padua’s Main Entrance on Wednesday, December 9th from 4pm-6pm and on Saturday, December 12th from 9am-12pm. In order to stay safe, please have items in the trunk of your vehicle. A Padua student or staff member will unload the items, so you do not have to leave your vehicle.

Christmas For Others 2020 Schedule
CFO will look a little different in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, but our goal remains the same. The Padua community will come together to help those in need during the Christmas season.

Click here for the 2020 CFO Calendar.

CFO Shirt Mondays and Thursdays (11/30, 12/3, 12/7, 12/10):
Sponsored by Key Club. The famous Padua CFO RED shirts are back! If you purchase one of Padua’s signature RED shirts (or have one from LAST YEAR), you can wear it on the Mondays and Thursdays listed above during the CFO season. Shirts may be purchased from 11/17-11/20 during lunch periods. The cost is $10. All other regular bottom dress code rules apply.

CFO VIP Pass (12/1, 12/4, 12/8, 12/11, 12/15, 12/17):
Sponsored by Key Club. For the flat rate of $20, you can achieve a few days where you don’t have to be in dress code!!! The CFO VIP Pass will be available for purchase during lunch periods from 11/16-11/20. No Pass = No dress down. Passes will be personalized and signed by Mrs. Oles Smith (so they can’t be shared!) and you will need to be prepared to have it on hand during the school day if/when a teacher should ask to see it (particularly 1st period teachers). All proceeds will go directly to CFO. This is your chance to donate (and dress down!), so be sure to purchase a pass!

Christmas Decorating Contest (Tuesday 12/1 and Thursday 12/3):
Hosted by Key Club. Submit the best snowflake, the best looking stocking, or the best looking wreath to decorate our lobby collection area. Supplies will not be provided…so be creative and use what you can! All submissions will be judged on 12/4. Please submit your decoration with your name on the back to the G.O. The best decoration will receive a gift certificate.

Chocolate para Chicos (Tuesday 12/1 and Thursday 12/3):
Hosted by the Spanish Club. Feliz Navidad! The Spanish club will be selling chocolate bars during all lunch periods on 12/1 and 12/3. The cost will be $1. All proceeds will go to CFO.

Face Masks Sale (Wednesday 12/2-12/18):
Hosted by the Senior class, Padua face masks will be sold during lunch periods and after school for $5 each.

Coin Wars (Thursday 12/3-Tuesday 12/8):
Hosted by the Senior Class. Each class and the faculty/staff have their own jar in the G.O. The class jar with the most net change wins – paper money/checks deduct from the value of the coin total in the jar. If the entire school collects more than $4,000 total, then everyone will be awarded a dress-down day (day TBD). The first $2,000 raised goes to the Senior Toy project for the Bishop Cosgrove Center. 

Jingle Bell Parody (Friday 12/4):
Hosted by Creative Writing Club and judged by our Librarian/CWC moderator, Mrs. Frech. Submit your best Jingle Bells parody the week of 11/30 to Bonus points to anyone who submits a video or audio recording of it being sung! All entries are due by 12/4 at 3:00 pm. The winner will receive a gift certificate.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt (Monday 12/7 and Thursday 12/10):
Hosted by Key Club. How well do you know your Christmas movies? Posted around the school are famous Christmas movie posters. The first student to correctly locate all of the posters and name them correctly will win a gift certificate. Different posters will be used for different days. Answers and locations need to be submitted by 2:30 pm to the G.O.

Candy Cane Grams (Monday 12/7-Friday 12/11):
Hosted by the Freshman class. During lunch periods on 12/7-12/11, you can purchase a candy cane and send it to a friend! All candy canes will be delivered on 12/15 and 12/17 during 10th and 11th period. Candy Cane Grams will be $2.

Chick-fil-A for CFO (Tuesday 12/8 and Thursday 12/10):
Hosted by the Astronomy Club. After school on 12/8 and 12/10, you will have the chance to purchase Chick-fil-A sandwiches! Sales will take place in front of the gym. EXACT CASH is needed in order to purchase a sandwich. Cost is $5 per sandwich. All proceeds will go directly to CFO.

1st period Collection (12/10 and 12/11 & 12/14 and 12/15):
Managed by the Sophomore class, money will be collected during first period classes each day.  M-Z will collect money during their 1st period class on 12/10 and 12/11. A-L will collect money during their 1st period class on 12/14 and 12/15. The top three classes with the most money raised per person will win a quality catered breakfast (sponsored by the Administration) served to them during 1st  period sometime in the new year. Winners will be announced on 12/18 during 1st period.

Santa Claus “Ho Ho Ho” Contest (Monday 12/14):
Hosted by our Fall Theater Directors, Mrs. Simna and Miss Malloy. Think you have the best Santa Claus impression? If so, submit a video of yourself doing your best Santa Claus “Ho, Ho, Ho” (costumes encouraged ha ha!) by 3:00 pm on 12/14. All videos need to be submitted to by 3:00 pm on 12/14. The top winner will receive a gift certificate.

Ugly CHRISTMAS Sweater Day (Tuesday 12/14 and Friday 12/18):
What will your sweater or vest have on it?  Penguins with gifts? Santa? Christmas trees? Hunt high and low for the ugliest CHRISTMAS sweater you can find and wear it in addition to your uniform.  Guys still need to wear a shirt and tie or polo & girls still need to wear uniform shirts. All regular bottom dress code rules apply for both girls and boys.

CFO Ice Cream Sale (Tuesday 12/15 and Thursday 12/17): Sponsored by R.A.C.E. and PFPJ. After school on 12/15 and 12/17 students and faculty/staff will have the opportunity to buy ice cream as a way to support CFO. The cost will be $3.

“Twas the Night Before Christmas” Parody Contest (Wednesday 12/16):
Hosted by the Core Admin Team (Mr. Stec, Br. Tom, Mrs. Oles Smith, and Mr. DiRocco). Let’s take a Christmas classic…and put a Padua spin on it! Rewrite “Twas the Night Before Christmas” with a Padua theme. Entries should be at least 3 stanzas long (minimum) and school appropriate. All entries must be submitted to by 3:00 pm on 12/16. Top winner will receive a gift certificate.

Christmas for Others Celebration (Wednesday 12/16):
Hosted by Campus Ministry. This is a senior class in-person event. All other students will live stream from home during a regular remote Wednesday schedule. Seniors will attend this event in person, and then be excused for the day. All other students will return to their normal class periods once the prayer service is over. More details to follow.

Purchase CFO Apparel (through 12/14):
Purchase an Always a Bruin mask, traditional CFO T-Shirt or red CFO blanket while supplies last. All proceeds will be donated to CFO. All items can be shipped to your home or curbside pickup can be arranged. The last day to purchase merchandise is Monday, December 14th. Click here to place an order.

More About CFO
Click here for more details, videos and news coverage.