Padua Announces School Opening Plan

July 22nd, 2020 | News

Click here to read Padua’s School Opening Plan.

Click here to read Padua’s Hybrid Plan.

Letter from Principal Stec ’86 (8/7/20):
Dear Padua families,

I hope this Bruin Beat finds you well. Please read this letter because it has important NEW plans for our start of school.  Initially, our plan to return included only two models: Full remote and Full in-school.  Due to our current situation, and in consideration of new recommendations, we have added a hybrid model which we will use to soft-start the school year.   

As you are aware, the pandemic numbers continue to ebb and flow, and as expected guidance from the health agencies are responding accordingly.  As events in our city, county, region and state change, so must our plans.  As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic in our area we have decided to create a hybrid model to provide an additional level of response for the most safe and successful return to school. After discussions with the Diocese of Cleveland, and considering the current recommendations of various health agencies including the CCBH, ODH, CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and with the input of parents, faculty, and students, the Padua administrative team has developed this hybrid model for at least the first 3 weeks of this school year. In our current situation, we are confident that this model provides an excellent platform for education with half the students live in-person while the other half of the student body is in attendance live virtually. This hybrid model will permit us to gradually re-enter the building with numbers that will allow for greater than 6 feet of social distancing, while at the same time ensuring students have the all-important opportunity for educational and social connectivity with their teachers and peers.  Also, this soft-start will give us the time needed to train students and teachers on remote-learning technologies and to transition into a new way of moving throughout our building.   We believe that this model will set us up for the greatest success to return to full 5 day a week in-person learning as soon as possible, hopefully the last week of September.

New Hybrid Plan
The beginning of the year hybrid plan CLICK HERE

As previously planned, our starting dates are the same. Orientation and Training by class will still occur the week of Aug 30 -Sept 4.  This will be followed by the three weeks of Hybrid learning.  

During these first 3 weeks of hybrid learning, training and review will be the key focus points.  This new model has students assigned, by last name, to attend classes either live in-person or remotely.  Both Live in-person and Live remote learning will follow the daily schedule from 8 am-2:35 pm.  Students are expected to follow their schedules and to log into their classes at the appropriate time.  All students will be engaged in learning four days a week.  Wednesdays are all remote and will be used for tutoring and teacher assistance. There will be no official classes on Wednesday.  Please review the hybrid plan closely.   

Over the next few weeks I will be sending home clarifying information about this new plan.  Also, new families will receive information at their evening orientation sessions.  On days that students are remote, they are permitted to return to school for after-school practices and events.  Remote students are not to return until after 3 pm to allow for the clearing of the building. 

With the addition of this hybrid model, we now have three options for content delivery for the upcoming school year. All school live in-person education, all remote with streamed live classroom instruction, and the hybrid model with half the students in session for live learning and the other half in session remotely for live streaming on alternate 2-day sessions.  The option to remote learn from home for the entire semester is still an option. Please email Brother Tom for more information at

I know that this is not exactly what was planned at the end of July, and I am sure that this may cause some additional questions and concerns.  However, we are very hopeful that this hybrid soft-start will allow us to return to full 5-day in person school at the end of September.  If we needed to extend this decision we would let you know as soon as possible so you could plan accordingly.  It is are intent to make these decisions in three-week increments.  We decided on that time frame to allow us to respond quickly to a changing situation and not lock us in to any one model for too long.   Please know that we are trying to create a plan that best meets the needs of the entire community while at the same time being able to mitigate the risk of spread.  Regardless of the scenario, Padua has plans in place to safely and responsibly deliver a high-quality Franciscan education to students during the upcoming academic year. 

As we move forward our plans continue to evolve.  The link below includes the updated Year at a Glance calendar.  Some dates have changed in response to our new plans.

Freshmen schedules will be mailed to students this weekend and returning student schedules will be made active in MyPad today.  This summer, counselors worked with course request parent sign off sheets to finalize schedules. In this current environment, we will not be able to make changes to the schedules as in the past because of master schedule class limitations and health guidance protocol.  Students will be able to see their counselors for scheduling concerns during the first week up through September 11th

Final Thoughts
As you know, we cannot eliminate the risk; we can only mitigate it. We are confident that this crisis will end.  We know that a combination of interventions is the best approach to mitigating the risk as best we can.  That is why we have added these additional decisions. I wish I could tell you that plans will not change again, but uncertainty is real.  Our learning models may change based on evolving conditions and data about the pandemic.  As we continue to monitor the situation and move to different models we will communicate this information to you as soon as possible on our webpage, through SchoolMessenger, and in the weekly Bruin Beat. 

Next week’s Bruin Beat will include a detailed plan for Wednesday Remote sessions, After-school activities, lunch purchases, detailed sanitation protocols, illness response, and the Start of School reminders.

Know of my continued prayers for you and your family.  Be assured that we are getting everything in place to return to school and welcome our students home.  I hope you have a great weekend, and as always…Go Bruins!

Peace & All Good!
Mr. David Stec ’86