Senior Receives Princeton Prize in Race Relations

April 7th, 2022 | News, News 2022

Congrats to senior Diamond Rhodes ’22 for being named a recipient of the 2022 Princeton Prize in Race Relations. Diamond is the president of Padua’s R.A.C.E. Group, which stands for Respect All Cultures Equally.

Each year, Princeton University recognizes exceptional high school students for engaging and challenging their communities to advance racial equity and promoting respect and understanding among all.

“Being president of R.A.C.E means the world to me, because it shows that I can make change and I can do so by inspiring others,” said Rhodes. “It’s my personal goal to help others find their voice and speak up for what’s right and what’s just – no matter the obstacles.”

The Princeton Prize comes with a $1,000 award and an invitation to a symposium to celebrate all 30 winners in the U.S., along with winners from previous years. They hope to continue the path of social advocacy and positive change.

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