State Scholarship Application Drop Off Night

February 3rd, 2020 | News

Padua is holding a State Scholarship Application Drop Off Night (for both EdChoice and Cleveland Scholarship Applicants) on Thursday, February 6th from 5pm – 7pm in the Padua Library.

WHO: Parents/guardians of EdChoice and Cleveland Scholarship Applicants. If you currently receive the EdChoice or Cleveland Scholarship, you are still required to drop off your renewal application and necessary paperwork on this night. If you are new to the scholarship, please follow the directions below. As soon as the application is available, we will email you the links.  If you cannot make the February 6th Drop Off Night, please drop off your paperwork to Padua during normal school hours. 

WHAT: Staff members will be accepting and checking State Scholarship documents to ensure they are complete and accurate. 

WHEN: Thursday, February 6th from 5pm – 7pm

WHERE: Padua Library (on the 3rd floor)

INFO: State Scholarship Application Checklist (bring all of these with you on February 6th):

  1. Complete the Application Form (or Renewal Form if you already have EdChoice)
    NEW Applicant Application
    RENEWAL Applicant Application
    1. Make sure the student name on the Application Form exactly matches their name from their birth certificate (including their middle name); Please type this if possible or print very neatly
    2. Make sure to list the name of the public school your child would go to if they were not going to Padua
    3. Sign the application form. Make sure that the parent that signs the form is the parent that can come in and sign the checks at the Padua Business Office.
  2. Bring a copy of your complete utility bill – you must have BOTH the TOP and BOTTOM portion of the bill still attached.
  3. Bring a copy of your student’s birth certificate.

To help expedite this application process, we are asking families NEW to EdChoice or the Cleveland Scholarship to register in the ODE Parent Portal using the directions found on the bottom page of this link:  If you are renewing your scholarship, you do not need to do this.

When the application period opens on April 1, 2020, Padua will submit your application to the ODE for review to see if you will be eligible for the scholarship.The ODE will review your application, and if eligible, you will be marked eligible. You will then receive a paper in the mail to accept your scholarship, you will return that paper to Padua Franciscan for us to accept it on your behalf.  We have no idea of the amount of time this will take, but we will inform you when we see you are eligible.  

Click here for more information about EdChoice.

Questions? Contact: 

Kammy Shuman ’88, State Scholarship Consultant or 440-845-2444 x206

Katie Gardner ’04 , State Scholarship Consultant or 440-845-2444 x264

Katie DeAngelo ’08, Director of Recruitment or 440-845-2444 x123

Ann Marie Frattare ’94, Director of Admissions or 440-845-2444 x184