Support Restaurants Owned/Operated by Padua Families

March 24th, 2020 | News, News 2020

In a time of uncertainty, dining at a distance is a way of helping the hospitality industry, while keeping your family well fed. Many restaurants, bakeries, markets, delis and catering companies, which are owned or operated by Padua alumni or families, are open for takeout, delivery or curbside pick-up. Scroll through the list and choose what you’re feeling, be it Italian food or empathy. Then, consider some of the additional ways you can still say, “Cheers!”

Takeout, Delivery, Curbside Service
Think about your favorite restaurants or even one you’ve been planning to try. Check websites to see what they’re offering for takeout, delivery or curbside service.

Buy Gift Cards
Purchasing gift cards and certificates helps restaurant staff now and you can use your card when restaurants re-open.

Book Events & Parties
Booking a party or event now for a date in the future injects much-needed cash into a restaurant’s lifeline. How about the holidays or birthdays in 2021?

Buy Merchandise
See what your favorite restaurants are selling: T-shirts, branded hats and mugs are some of the possibilities.

Stock the Freezer or Pantry
Some places now sell frozen items to bake at home, in addition to pantry staples.When you’re ordering your delivery or takeout order, ask the restaurant if you can purchase some chicken stock or pizza dough.

Write Positive Reviews Online
Writing positive reviews on Google, Yelp or delivery review sites (Grubhub, DoorDash or Uber Eats) can help restaurants and businesses. As so many turn to carryout and delivery services to generate revenue during mandated dining room closures, positive reviews stimulate business.