Academic Clubs and Organizations

Drama Club

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Students who are interested in any aspect of theatre arts are encouraged to join the Drama Club. Membership provides the opportunity to explore all aspects of theatre production including designing and acting as well as workshops and service projects.

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Foreign Language Clubs & Trips


Foreign language clubs (French Club, German Club, Italian Club, Junior Classical League (Latin), and Spanish Club) provide an opportunity to experience the culture of a language, as well as actively participate in raising money for the annual Christmas For Others program.

Second, third, and fourth year language students can participate in a summer foreign language trip, which are generally offered every other year. Through these trips, students are afforded the opportunity to experience a foreign culture and make practical use of what they have learned in their classes.IMG_3986

French Club – Mr. Martin
German Club – Mrs. Kuvin
Italian Club – Mrs. Niro
Junior Classical League – Mr. Lupica
Spanish Club – Mrs. Kinzie

Check out the current Travel Brochure.

Mock Trial


Mock Trial is a statewide academic competition sponsored by the Ohio Council for Law Related Education.  Students analyze a legal case in which they apply principles of law to the case from both the plaintiff and defense perspectives.  Launched in the 2011-12 school year, students are trained to compete in the roles of attorneys, witnesses, or timekeeper/bailiff.  They present the case in courtrooms in front of a panel of judges (comprised of actual lawyers and judges). Ms. Winger is the moderator.

National Honor Society


Students maintaining a G.P.A. above a certain grade point average (3.8 for Sophomores, 3.65 for Juniors, and 3.50 for Seniors) may be elected by the faculty to serve the Padua community, academically and socially, through the National Honor Society.  NHS members participate in tutoring, recycling, and Christmas For Others.  Mr. Larson is the moderator.

Quiz Team

ACADEMIC CHALLENGE QUIZ TEAM L to R Andrew Sasala, Jon Konopka, and Thomas Kan

The Quiz Team is a select group of students who are prepared academically to appear on the Academic Challenge television show.  Mr. Larson is the moderator.

Science Club


The Science Club is designed to offer experiences and opportunities that foster interest in Science beyond the classroom. Activities may include, but are not limited to, field trips, hands-on experiences, participation in research or science-related competitions, and guest speakers.  The goals of the club are to encourage the pursuit of scientific knowledge, stimulate interest in science and engineering careers, and explore the practical nature of science.

Horizon Magazine & Yearbook

Horizon Magazine and Yearbook, while commonly thought of as extracurricular activities, are both elective courses available for credit.  You can learn more on the Visual Arts page.