Summer Reading Assignments

About Padua’s Summer Reading Program


Every student who plans to enter or return to Padua for the new academic year is required to partake in the English department’s Summer Reading program. All students will read and study books according to their grade and level. The purpose of Summer Reading is to encourage students to read actively while engaging in their own analysis, paying special attention to plot structure, characterization, setting, symbolism, tone, style, theme, literary/historical significance, etc.


For students entering Regular English classes, it is highly recommended that they purchase their own copy of their chosen novel as they will be permitted to utilize their book (with annotations written inside) for the Summer Reading assessment at the beginning of the school year. Library books (which cannot be written in) and Kindle editions will NOT be permitted for use on the Summer Reading tests. Because we are giving students the opportunity to utilize their own comments and clarifications (essentially, an open-book test), hand- or type-written notes will not be permitted for use on the in-class assessments. Students entering Honors English and AP English courses should refer to their specific Summer Reading assignment. Summer reading guides will be available on our web site and (EXCEPT for Honors 9, 10, and 11 classes) are meant only as a study guide and will NOT be collected. Honors English 9, 10, and 11 and AP 12 have separate, required Summer Reading assignments.

Summer Reading List 2018

Click here to access the Padua Summer Reading List for the 2018-2019 school year.

Summer Reading Info & Study Guide Questions

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