Christian Service Program

Through the Gospel mandate of Jesus Christ, we are called as Christians to take up our “basin and towel” to love and serve as Christ did.

“For I have given you an example, that you also should do as I have done to you.” (John 13:15)

Through the Christian Service Program, all students of Padua Franciscan High School are offered the gifts of humility and poverty in spirit as they follow the example of Saint Francis in loving service to others through Jesus Christ.

Students are required to perform four years of Christian Service at Padua.  Students will receive specific requirements for each year through Campus Ministry orientations and Theology classes.

Freshman Service

Please note – Freshman are not permitted to begin their service program until the first day of school.  At that time all forms will be made available below.

The following are general requirements of the program for freshmen :

  • All students will be required to turn in log sheets with all service hours logged. The sheet will include individual hours and total hours; supervisor signature (supervisor initials are required every time service is performed); contact number for supervisors, short description of service performed each time; student and parent signatures stating that all hours have been completed and properly logged on the sheet. The Campus Ministry staff will provide these sheets.
  • All students must turn in completed forms according to the assigned due dates, found in the service folder
  • On report cards and transcripts, students will receive a Pass/Fail grade based on the completion of the required service. Service will be required for graduation but will be recorded as a zero credit “class” on transcript.
  • Students who fail to fulfill their service requirement will not be allowed to return to Padua Franciscan High School
  • Students will perform 10 hours of service to their family.
  • They will also perform 10 hours of service to Padua Franciscan or the student’s Church/Parish.
  • Quarterly students will complete a written reflection on their service in Theology class.

Freshman Service Forms

Frosh Service Guidelines
Service Presentation Grade 9 August 2013
Christian Service Log Sheet – First Quarter
Christian Service Log Sheet – Second Quarter
Christian Service Log Sheet – Third Quarter
Parent-Student Keep At Home Freshman

 Sophomore Service

All sophomores will complete four visits, with a minimum of one hour per visit, serving people in the community

  • Students will perform this service at an approved service organization outside the school setting.
  • Students will create a service reflection on this service each quarter during sophomore theology class.

Sophomore Service Forms
Service Presentation for Sophomore Year
Parent-Student acknowledgement Form
Sophomore Service Log Sheet Summer 2013-2014
Sophomore Service Log Sheet 1st quarter
Sophomore Service Log Sheet 2nd Qtr 2013-2014
Sophomore Service Log Sheet 3rd Qtr 2013-2014
Sophomore Approved Agency List 5-12

Junior Service – Overview

All juniors will participate in Community service to the “marginalized.”

  • Students will make 8 visits, at a minimum of one hour per visit, to an agency that has been approved by the service coordinator. A list of previously approved service sites will be provided to the students and can be accessed below.
  • Students must complete all eight visits at two service sites at most.
  • After selecting a service site, each student must meet with the site supervisor and sign a site service agreement form.  This meeting counts as a service visit
  • create a service reflection on this service each quarter during junior theology class.
  • Students are encouraged to do the service with a partner.

Junior Service Forms and Presentations
Service Presentation for Junior Year (PowerPoint)
Agency – Student Agreement Form

Junior Service log Sheet
Junior Summer Service Log Sheet

Parent-Student acknowledgement Form
Junior Approved Agency List

Senior Service – Overview

All seniors will fulfill the Christian Service requirement through working on a class advocacy project in the Social Justice course.

  • A major aspect of the Social Justice course is training students to speak on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves; therefore, seniors will participate in an ADVOCACY PROJECT where they will learn about and speak on behalf of the poor and vulnerable in our society.
  • As part of the senior Theology Class, each student will be required to choose justice issues to research and learn more about. Students will learn about the social justice issue chosen, advocate for change and reflect on the issue.

Justice and Solidarity

Students are encouraged to take advantage of Mission Trips and the St. Francis School Partnership.  In addition, Padua stu­dents have the opportunity to learn about Catholic Social Teach­ing and par­tic­i­pate in social action events orga­nized by this net­work of students and teach­ers from Catholic high schools and col­leges from across the Dio­cese of Cleveland. An exam­ple of a Catholic social action event is stu­dents tak­ing part in the annual Rally for Life in Washington, DC.

Christmas for Others (CFO)

As a long standing Padua tradition, Christmas For Others (CFO) is the largest student run fundraiser in Northeast Ohio.  Our students raise over $30,000 each year to help local and global charities.