MyTrack FAQ

What is MyTrack and what Tracks are available?  MyTrack is an exciting career exploration program at Padua Franciscan High School.  We help students prepare for careers in Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Law and Studio Art. MyTrack provides a strong academic foundation with many course electives, career exploration through professional speaker events, professionalism opportunities such as mock interviews and shadowing, and hands on experiences like field trips and competitions.

How is MyTrack different from MedTrack?  MyTrack is open to all Padua students interested in exploring career opportunities in Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Law and Studio Art.  While a strong academic foundation is essential for future success, there is no minimum GPA for participation in MyTrack.  Students may enter or leave the program at any time based on their evolving career interests.  Students should contact the MyTrack Director or their counselor to make any changes.

MedTrack is a rigorous 4 year honors program focused on exploring career options in science and healthcare. Students must apply for acceptance in MedTrack and be successful in honors level science and math courses.

Is MyTrack just taking certain classes?  There are many career related electives available and a recommended premier curriculum for each MyTrack.  There is also the opportunity for career exploration, professionalism, hands on experiences and shadowing opportunities.

Does my student get scheduling priority?  There is some scheduling priority for elective courses for MyTrack students as noted in the course catalog.

Does my student need to apply?   There is no separate application for MyTrack.  Instead, we ask students to annually commit to participation.

How many events are required or involved each year?  The minimum expectation is that MyTrack students will participate in a quarterly career speaker series.  Students should also enroll in career related elective courses and participate in MyTrack related clubs or events.

How and when do I let you know my student wants to be in MyTrack?   Incoming freshmen should indicate their interest in MyTrack on the course electives preference sheet. Continuing students may join at any time by contacting the MyTrack Director.

Can my student participate in MedTrack and MyTrack?  Yes, we have a number of students in MedTrack who also participate in MyTrack.  We ask that MedTrack students limit their MyTrack participation to one track only.

Can my student do Athletics or Fine Arts and MyTrack?  Yes!  You are strongly encouraged to be involved in as many other activities as you are capable of tackling while still being successful in your classes, including sports, student government, theater, band, and so forth.  Each individual student and family will need to decide what makes the most sense for them.

Can my student do more than one track?  Yes! Many MyTrack students participate in more than one track based on their career interests.

What if my student does not like the track and does not want to do it anymore? Can my student change tracks?  Of course!  Students should contact the MyTrack Director or their counselor if they want to make any changes to their MyTrack participation.

Can my student enter a track after freshman year?  Yes! Students should contact the MyTrack Director or their counselor if they want to join MyTrack after the initial freshman registration.

Who can I talk to about the MyTrack program?  Please reach out with any additional questions to our MyTrack Director, Jason Dzik ’00, at or 440 845-2444 x 139