NCAA/NAIA Eligibility

Student Athletes

Any junior who possesses a somewhat serious interest in pursuing Varsity Athletics at the College Level (only Division I or II, not III) needs to complete the online Core Course GPA and NCAA and/or NAIA eligibility registration process(es) before the conclusion of the school year.  Students should first visit the Core Course GPA website, which provides potential athletes with the ability to manage and monitor their academic progress throughout high school as they transition to college.  Following Core Course GPA, students can then complete the NCAA and/or NAIA eligibility registration, which is a multi-step process that begins with the creation of a student account, entering academic and athletic information, followed by payment.  Once these initial steps have been completed, the student then needs to notify his/her counselor who will then forward official high school transcripts to the appropriate agencies.  Finally, students must also submit official testing scores directly from ACT and/or SAT to complete the formal registration process.

Core Course GPA

Core Course GPA is a website students and families can utilize free of charge.  Use code 364018 when creating an account and completing the registration process.


NCAA Registration requires a fee.  Use code 9999 when requesting test score submission from ACT and/or SAT.


NAIA Registration requires a fee.  Use code 9876 when requesting test score submission from ACT and/or SAT.