The Padua Franciscan High School yearbook, named the Patavium, is a “fall release book.”  The differences between a fall release book and a spring release book are significant.  While many parents may recall getting their yearbooks in the spring prior to leaving for summer break, it is important to note that these yearbooks were incomplete.  They would not have contained spring sports from that school year (perhaps from the one prior) or graduation or prom.  A fall release book includes these significant events and truly chronicles the entire year, from start to finish.  While there is the inconvenience of not receiving one’s book until the fall, it is believed that these are far superior books in the publishing industry.

The yearbook is sold primarily through pre-orders in the late winter to early spring.  The current cost of the yearbook is $65.  A small number of extra books will be available in the General Office starting in September on a first come first serve basis for $65.

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