“As a parent of three young men who graduated from Padua, I can attest that they were well prepared for college and the world beyond. All three have wonderful and diverse careers that they enjoy.”

– Gigi

“Proud to say we had 4 children graduate from Padua, and they are all happily married, successful addition to their business families and outstanding parents of a total of 11 children!”

– Diane Z.

“I left a 5 star rating in 2015 when our oldest was a junior. In 2017, I am back to offer comment that Padua is worth it. The education, support, and college prep training allowed her to earn full tuition to the college of her choice. Our youngest is attending Padua now. We can see him on the same path. Community spirit, love, faith and family are only a few of the tremendous core foundation and values you will experience at this extraordinary school.”

– Kim D.

“As an alumni, employee and current parent of a sophomore, I am proud to be a part of the Padua family! Students receive an excellent education that will prepare them for college. Franciscan values and the importance of community are taught and modeled by faculty and staff.”

– Ann Marie F.

“Exceptional school and overall great educational environment. Many great students come from this school, and more importantly great people. Excellent college acceptance rate, stability amongst faculty and staff. Would highly recommend.”

– John P.

“At Padua Franciscan High School the kids are the first priority. They treat everyone there the same and they put them first.”

– Jim W.