Mission Statement

Padua Franciscan High School, a Catholic, college preparatory school, committed to the traditions and values of Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi, educates young men and women within a community where all are challenged to achieve academic excellence and to live out a lifelong commitment to Christ in holiness and learning.

Belief Statement

In Holiness…

We believe that:

  • The focus of what we do is Christ-centered as modeled by Saint Anthony of Padua and Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi
  • The Sacramental life of the school is fundamental to our sense of community
  • Compassionate service is a manifestation of Christian holiness
  • To embrace human dignity is to respect and honor each individual as a person created in the image and likeness of God
  • The doctrines and the moral values followed by the Roman Catholic Church are integral to all facets of Padua Franciscan High School

In Learning…

We believe that:

  • Franciscan education respects the unique potential of each human being
  • Academic excellence is achieved through self-discipline, which includes having a strong work ethic, sharing a positive attitude, and being a responsible person
  • A student’s potential for success is strongly enhanced by the partnership between parents and the school
  • Our educational process is focused on the formation of a well-rounded individual: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical
  • A Padua Franciscan education prepares students to be effective citizens of a globally interdependent community

School Seal

Padua Franciscan High School school seal


“In Sanctitate Et Doctrina”
(In Holiness and Learning)

Alma Mater

To Padua Franciscan School
Unending loyalty we give,
That by her noble creed and rule
With honor we will always live.

In Holiness and Learning
Your loyal students serve you,
With grateful voices pledging
Alma Mater we will be true.

Fight Song

Onward on to victory!  Come on, let’s cheer our team to victory!
For we will win tonight for the brown and white,
Because the Bruins always fight, fight, fight, fight!
Onward on to victory!  Come on, we’re on the road to victory!
We’ve got the power and the might, so fight Bruins fight!

School Patron

St. Anthony of Padua


Brown and White (with Orange accent)