Transfer Process

Transfer Student Admissions Procedure

  1. Create a MyPad account by clicking here to complete an Inquiry Form. Padua Admissions will process your Inquiry Form and you will receive an email to set up your parent MyPad Admissions account.
  2. Complete and submit the Transfer Student Questionnaire.
  3. In order to schedule a visit/shadow day, you must send your student’s current report card and/or transcript for review to Mrs. Ann Marie Frattare 94. The Admissions Committee will review your transcript and follow up with you.
  4. Complete the Record Request Form and give it to your student’s school and they will send the records to Padua.
  5. Complete the Application Form in MyPad. There is a $150 non-refundable fee to apply. If the student is accepted, this fee does go towards tuition.
  6. If you are in need of tuition assistance, complete the FACTS Financial Aid Application online to be considered for financial aid. 

Padua Franciscan does not typically accept 12th grade transfers.

Admissions Policy

Padua Franciscan High School is a college-preparatory high school that serves students who have the ability and desire to achieve a post-secondary education. Students are accepted primarily on their ability to do satisfactory work in a college prep curriculum and to function within our guidelines and policies.

The following items are evaluated during the transfer student admissions process to determine a student’s ability to succeed at Padua: the academic record (with emphasis on the last 3 years), conduct, effort, attendance, standardized tests, and teacher recommendation forms.

Padua Franciscan admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

Transfer Student FAQ

 1.  What are the academic requirements to apply to Padua? 

Students applying to transfer to Padua should have at least a 3.0 cumulative G.P.A.

 2.  What are the athletic eligibility rules?

Please see the Ohio High School Athletic Association website for details.

 3.  Can I apply to transfer mid-quarter?

Padua does not admit students in the middle of an academic quarter.

 4.  Will the credits from my current school transfer to Padua? 

Upon review of your transcript, the Vice Principal will determine which credits will transfer to Padua.

5.  Do my academic grades and G.P.A. transfer to Padua?

No, your academic grades do not transfer to Padua. Your GPA will start over once you begin at Padua.

 6.  What is the grading scale at Padua?

Grading scale 

7.  What is the tuition?

Tuition for the 2024-2025 school year is $14,700. Tuition typically increases approximately 2-3% each year.

8.  How do I apply for the Cleveland or EdChoice Scholarship?

Upon acceptance, if your family qualifies for a state scholarship, Admissions will communicate the next steps.