MedTrack FAQ

Does MedTrack have a separate application?   Yes. Access your MyPad account and review your checklist to both apply to MedTrack and request input from your Science and Math teachers.

What is the deadline to apply to MedTrack?  For priority consideration, you should apply to MedTrack and request your input via MyPad by January 15. This will allow time for your teachers to complete your input forms by January 31.  Your application is complete only when BOTH input forms have been received. Late applications will be considered, to the extent space is available.

Do I need to be in all Honors classes as a freshman at Padua in order to be in MedTrack?  No.  MedTrack only requires you to be placed in Honors Science and Honors Math during your freshman year.

Can I still be in MedTrack if I didn’t perform well on the High School Placement Test?  Possibly.  The most successful applicants for Padua’s MedTrack program typically achieve a 70th percentile or higher on the Placement Test and an A- average in 7th and 8th grade science and math.  However, these are guidelines and do not guarantee admission.  We will evaluate the totality of your application, including grade school standardized testing, to help determine honors placement and admission to MedTrack.

Do other schools have MedTrack?  No.  MedTrack was developed in 2008 with the insight and expertise of an Advisory Board which is exclusive to Padua Franciscan High School.   Other schools may offer certain elements of MedTrack. However, we strongly believe that MedTrack’s depth and breadth of experience is often imitated, but never duplicated.  It is the only four-year, comprehensive, integrated program devoted to helping students explore and prepare for careers in healthcare.  Padua has invested significant resources into the program, including staffing a dedicated Director, Mrs. Laurie Keco Grabowski ’89, a dedicated Counselor, Mr. Andy Shuman ’95, and a PhD-credentialed instructor, Dr. Kathleen Gorbach, to teach the MedTrack capstone course.

MedTrack has a registered trademark. Does that mean that your program is licensed from somewhere else?  No.  Padua Franciscan High School owns the registered trademark for MedTrack, a program developed entirely in-house.

Can I be involved in other activities at Padua while in MedTrack?  Yes!  You are strongly encouraged to be involved in as many other activities as you are capable of tackling while still being successful in your classes, including sports, student government, theater, band, and so forth.  Each individual student and family will need to decide what makes the most sense for them.

What if I don’t want to do healthcare, or decide I cannot juggle my extracurricular activities and MedTrack?  Part of the purpose of MedTrack is to help you determine if healthcare is right for you.  If you decide on a different career path, or simply decide that MedTrack is not the right program for you, Mrs. Grabowski will help you transition out of the program at any time (contingent on parent approval).

I am an 8th grade Science or Math teacher. Will I receive a hard copy evaluation form similar to prior years?  No. Applicants should initiate a request for an input form from you using Padua’s online portal, MyPad. Ideally they will request letters by January 15 to allow you to complete your input by January 31.

If you have additional questions, please contact Laurie Keco Grabowski ’89 at 440-845-2444 x171.