Franciscan Spirituality

More than 800 years ago, St. Francis proclaimed to his followers, “This is our vocation: to heal wounds, to bind what is broken, to bring home those who are lost.” He was certainly challenged in that calling when he met a leper near Assisi.

Through his faith, Francis overcame his fear and found the strength to put the Gospel into action by embracing the leper. He eventually lived among those who suffered from leprosy, tending to both their spiritual and physical needs and laying the first stones in the foundation of the Franciscan healing tradition. This tradition continues to this day, building upon the acts of compassion and healing that were modeled by Jesus himself. In light of this tradition, it is only natural that Padua Franciscan High School would develop MedTrack — preparing students in the Franciscan tradition for careers in science and healthcare.

In addition to the four-year Padua retreat program, MedTrack students participate in MedTrack Retreats which are designed to help students understand the human side of healthcare.

We emphasize empathy and the dignity of the individual through the following retreats:
Freshman Year – Compassion & Dignity of the Individual
Sophomore Year – Prayer & Empathy
Junior Year – Service Learning
Senior Year – Healthcare Calling/Linking to SS Francis & Clare