How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in Padua Franciscan’s MedTrack program.  Please follow these steps to apply:
  • Apply to Padua Franciscan High School by January. You must complete Padua’s online application (all students) AND select Padua as your first choice school on the Diocesan application (Catholic school students only) in order to be fully considered. Refer to Padua’s admissions website for additional details.
  • Register for and take the Padua Placement Test to be a part of the MedTrack priority review process and to be considered for Padua academic scholarships.  Refer to Padua’s admissions website for additional details. In general, students who score in the 70th percentile or higher on the placement test and who achieve an A- average in 7th and 8th grade science and math will be stronger candidates for admission.  However, these are neither minimum requirements nor guarantees of admission.  All qualified candidates’ applications will receive full consideration.
  • To receive priority consideration, complete the MedTrack application no later than January 15 so that your teacher recommendations can be completed by late January.  This will be available in November 2018. Late applications will be considered to the extent space is available.
  • Students will receive a decision about admission to Padua in mid-February.  Students will generally receive a decision about admission to MedTrack usually within a few days after the Padua decision letter.  Note that the Padua letter and the MedTrack letter arrive separately.
  • By submitting the application, I affirm that I wish to be considered for admission to the MedTrack program and that all submitted information is accurate. I also affirm that my parent/guardian has approved the application.  
If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Laurie Keco Grabowski ’89, Director of MedTrack, at 440-845-2444 x171 or