MedTrack Testimonials

MedTrack Alumni Testimonial

Cameron Marcus ’13, University of Toledo School of Medicine, Xavier University Graduate
The experiences I had with health professions during MedTrack became a big part of my story about why I chose medicine. Because of MedTrack, medical schools knew that I’ve been serious about medicine for a long time and that I had been developing the skills I need to succeed well before college.

Kayla Konczos ’13, The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine – DVM Candidate, The Ohio State University Graduate, 2LT, MS, USAR

Getting veterinary experience in a clinic is difficult until you turn 18; however, the MedTrack externship was my foot in the door! This opportunity not only gave me the chance to observe daily life in a veterinary practice, but it allowed me to build relationships with doctors and veterinary technicians that I continue to seek mentorship from to this day.

Isabelle Hanna ’13, Yale Law School, Vanderbilt University Graduate
MedTrack not only prepares you for college but also for the workforce. The abilities to manage time, take initiative, and perform beyond a supervisor’s expectations are invaluable regardless of one’s major or eventual career path. Someone will always set standards and deadlines for you to achieve; however, in MedTrack we received support to achieve those goals. This guidance enhances your performance in future situations where the expectations are not as clear.

Lauren Gurich ’14, Pharm D Candidate ’20, University of Toledo School of Pharmacy, University of Toledo Graduate
Thank you for everything MedTrack has done for me.  Many of my professors and organizations were so impressed with MedTrack when I explained all that the program entailed.  Thank you for pushing me to stay focused.  I owe much of my success to MedTrack.


Alexis Nieszczur ’14, PharmD Candidate ’20, University of Toledo School of Pharmacy, University of Toledo Graduate
MedTrack gave me confidence that I was investing in the right career field. I had first-hand shadowing experience, educational experience (anatomy, HASS), and a support system (Padua family) unmatched by my peers.


Jaclyn Moran ’14, University of Dayton Graduate
MedTrack offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stand out in a sea of applicants. The professional and leadership skills I developed through MedTrack set me apart throughout college and even now, post-graduation. MedTrack gave me transferable skills that I use every day in my non-healthcare career.


Kaitlyn Patacca ’15, Northeast Ohio University School of Medicine, University of Akron Graduate
I am truly appreciative for the countless outstanding opportunities and experiences that Padua and the MedTrack program have given to me.



Emily Szabo ’15, Case Western Reserve University
MedTrack provided me with both the scientific background and communication skills to launch my career as a biomedical engineer. Being exposed to various medical professions allows me to communicate with these professionals on a more technical level to advance my research and career aspirations, and to be treated with the dignity and respect of an adult, rather than simply a student.


Mackenzie Carroll ’15, St. Louis University
I entered into the MedTrack program with an interest fueled by novels and Google searches. I graduated with a dream, solidified by hands on experience, professional interaction, award winning research, and the values needed to become a compassionate healthcare professional.


Rebecca Cate ’16, Ursuline College/Breen School of Nursing
MedTrack was a huge stepping stone that turned my knowledge and interest in the medical field into a reality. The skills learned set me apart from others and gave me the confidence to succeed.



Dr. Steven Dorsey ’89, Emergency Medicine Physician at the Cleveland Clinic, MedTrack Advisory Board Member, Externship Host, Padua Parent (pictured with Sara Thomas ’16)
The Externship experience gives our MedTrack students the unique opportunity to interact with healthcare professionals in a real world healthcare setting.  As a Host, I take great pleasure in sharing in each student’s memorable takeaway moments in the Emergency Department.  In doing so, I am reminded how privileged I am to be a caregiver.


Chad Jaenke ’16, University of Dayton
From MedTrack, you will learn to be independent and have a strong drive to succeed in many situations, whether academically in college, finding a job, or achieving life aspirations beyond college. However, learning is not always an easy task; it takes persistence and effort.  MedTrack taught all of us to stick with it.


Dr. Jon Davidson, Interventional Radiologist at University Hospitals, Externship Host (pictured with Ken Jacklitch ’16)
I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with the MedTrack program.  I was showing this (Externship) poster to some of my colleagues, and they were equally impressed!  Congratulations on a wonderful program!


Ava Willoughby ’17, The Ohio State University
MedTrack offered me invaluable advanced exposure to a professional world and business etiquette! It also gave me the confidence to never settle on an unfulfilling career path and to always keep the doors open to new exploration.


Dana Lettl ’18, University of Miami
In the first two months of school, I’ve utilized EVERY element of the HASS class, including literature searches, scientific presentations, and even created my own research proposal including a full experimental design. I definitely stand out among my classmates in the best way possible.


Dr. Susan Kuznik, Business Healthcare Professor at Baldwin Wallace University, MedTrack Advisory Board Member, Padua Parent
Today, healthcare is a dynamic, complex field that offers many opportunities for employment and careers.  Through MedTrack, knowing what this field offers helps you focus on discovering your passion!


Paduan Fall 2009

Dr. Joseph Hanna ’79 and Dr. Maria Ramundo, MedTrack Advisory Board Members, Parents of Isabelle Hanna ’13 and Nathan Hanna ’14
The MedTrack program provided our children with an outstanding background in Math and Science in preparation for careers as health care professionals.  Most importantly, my children have strong Franciscan values as demonstrated by their dedication to providing service to others.