Learning Support Services Program

About Our Learning Support Services Program

The Padua Franciscan High School Learning Support Program (LSS) encompasses a variety of services, having the common goal to ensure that all students succeed in Padua’s college preparatory curriculum by meeting the students’ individual needs.  The LSS Program includes the following: Specific Learning Disabilities Program, Autism Program, Speech-language services, and SEGO/Accommodation Plan services.  Padua has services that meet the needs of students identified having a Specific Learning Disability, Other Health Impairments – Minor, Autism, and Speech/Language Impairment.  Behavioral supports and academic modifications are not available to meet the needs for students identified as Intellectual Disability, Multiple Disability, and Emotional Disturbance.

Learning Support Services Program Overview

Specific Learning Disability Program

The purpose of the Specific Learning Disability Program is to educate students to the maximum of their potential, increase the students’ opportunities for success, and to prepare for post-secondary education. The classes are unique in that they are taught to the individual needs, goals, and objectives in their educational plans. Because students’ learning rates and styles vary considerably, the need for flexibility is established with individual student expectations.

Regular English and math class curriculum is followed. Accommodations can be implemented in all classes.  Each class will focus on appropriate curriculum based on the needs of the individual student. Students will also have course options for learning support, based on eligibility and placement.  This will be determined upon acceptance.

The following classes follow the track of the LSS English Program.  Specific areas emphasized include the following:

English 9 – Sentence structure, paragraphs, essays, grammar, reading fluency, reading comprehension, proofreading and vocabulary

English 10 – Paragraphs, essays, speech, reading comprehension, proofreading and vocabulary

English 11 – Paragraph and essay writing, grammar, style, mechanics, proofreading, reading comprehension, literary elements, research reports, college applications, and vocabulary

English 12 – Essay writing, mechanics, proofreading, style, reading comprehension, literary elements, resume writing, and vocabulary

The following classes follow the track of the LSS Mathematics Program.  Specific areas emphasized include the following:

Math 9 – Variables and equations, absolute values, properties and integers, polynomials, factoring, and applied problems

Algebra IB – Real numbers, ratios and proportions, functions, linear equations, rational and irrational numbers, equations, and quadratic functions

Geometry A – Properties and measurement of points, lines, angles, plane surfaces and solids; problems including theorems, postulate, and corollaries in geometric properties; review of algebra concepts and topics

Math Concepts – Graphing, systems of equations, relations and functions, rational expressions, radicals, quadratic functions and equations, statistics and standard deviation, and logarithmic functions

Goals & Objectives

Students in the Learning Support Services Program have goals and objectives in an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that the Intervention Specialist monitors on a quarterly schedule. The Intervention Specialist meets with each individual teacher and discusses possible accommodations appropriate for each class. Common Core Standards will be implemented at each grade level.

Autism Program

The Autism Program at Padua, a student-centered program for individuals on the Autism Spectrum, provides additional social and academic support across the curriculum and throughout a student’s Padua experience. Services include providing speech-language therapy through IEP goals to address specific individual needs, as well as providing support in the areas of social skills, executive functions, and academics. Services are usually provided during regularly scheduled study halls. The speech-language pathologist works closely with the classroom teachers, intervention specialists, school counselors, and administrators to promote student success.

Speech-Language Program

The Speech-Language Program at Padua is a curriculum-based therapy program, providing speech-language therapy to meet the needs of students with IEP goals by using a student’s current curriculum whenever possible. The speech-language services are usually provided during the student’s regularly scheduled study hall. The speech-language pathologist works closely with the classroom teachers, intervention specialists, school counselors, and administrators to promote student success.

SEGO/504/Accommodation Plans

Padua utilizes a comprehensive, case-by-case approach when determining eligibility for services and reasonable accommodations for students requesting Accommodation Plans. Students requesting accommodations from Padua are required to provide documentation regarding their diagnosed impairment(s) and its educational impact.

Please note, a previous IEP/SEGO/504/Accommodation Plan, while helpful in establishing a record of supported accommodations, may not be enough to establish the presence of a disability at the high school level.

For incoming students: Padua requires the Needs Verification Form to be completed thoroughly as well as have an observational period during the student’s first quarter at Padua where the team will utilize teacher assessments in determining what is the best course of action to meet a student’s needs at the high school level.

Please contact Mrs. Amanda Ortiz Byrnes in the Counseling Department at (440) 845-2444 x126 with questions.

Can We Serve Your Student?

If your student is interested in coming to Padua, please email, fax or mail a copy of your son/daughter’s IEP and ETR (from 7th or 8th grade) or 504/Accommodation Plan to Katie Martin ’08, Director of Admissions, at kmartin@paduafranciscan.net. Padua will review the paperwork and let you know if we can meet your child’s needs. Please review Learning Support Services Program Admission Policy for more information.

Support Staff

Mrs. Erin Kalkbrenner ’02
Department Chairperson
Math Intervention Specialist (Monday-Friday)
Phone: 440.845.2444 x149 Fax: 440.845.5710

Ms. Bridgette Kreutzer
English Intervention Specialist (Monday-Friday)
Phone: 440.845.2444 x149 Fax: 440.845.5710

Mrs. Carrie Mayer ’11 
Speech Pathologist
Phone: 440.845.2444 x160 Fax: 440.845.5710

Carolyn Kuchta ’04
Intervention Specialist
Phone: 440.845.2444 x161