Admissions Process

Admissions Policy

Padua Franciscan High School is a college preparatory high school that serves students who have the ability and desire to achieve a post-secondary education. Students are accepted primarily on their ability to do satisfactory work in a college prep curriculum and to function within our guidelines and policies.

The following items are evaluated during the admissions process to determine a student’s ability to succeed at Padua: the entire grade school record (with emphasis on 6th, 7th, and 8th grade achievement), conduct, effort, attendance, standardized tests taken on the elementary level, teacher recommendation forms, and performance on the High School Placement Test.

Padua Franciscan does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, ancestry, or physical handicap.

Learning Support Services Program Admissions Policy

The purpose of the Padua Franciscan High School Learning Support Services (LSS) Program is to educate students to achieve their maximum potential, increase the students’ opportunities for success, and to prepare for ongoing educational experiences, including post-secondary education.

Along with the Admissions Policy listed in the section above, students seeking admission into the Learning Support Services Program need to provide a current copy of their Individual Education Plan (IEP) and Evaluation Team Report (ETR) or 504/Accommodation Plan prior to applying for admission. Additionally, any student applying to the LSS Program will be observed at their school by Padua personnel.

If your student is interested in applying to Padua, please email, fax or mail a copy of your son/daughter’s current IEP and ETR documentation (from 7th or 8th grade) to Ann Marie Frattare ’94 at Padua will review the paperwork and let you know if we can meet your child’s needs.

If Padua has the services available to meet a student’s needs and it is determined that a student has the ability to be successful in our college-prep curriculum, it is our policy for Padua personnel to observe applicants with an IEP and ETR or a 504/SEGO/Accommodation Plan at their school and when they visit (shadow) at Padua. Please complete and return the Student Observation Authorization Form.

Admissions Procedure

Beginning January 14, 2019, Application forms will be:

  • Distributed to all 8th grade students attending Catholic elementary schools.
  • Non-Catholic school students can apply online.

For more information about Padua’s admissions procedure, contact:

Mrs. Ann Marie Frattare ’94
Director of Admissions
440.845.2444 ext. 184

Mrs. Kammy Shuman ’88
Director of Recruitment
440.845.2444 ext. 123

Br. Tom Carroll, ofm
International & Foreign Exchange Program
440.845.2444 ext. 121

Mr. Mike Polevacik
Director of International & Foreign Exchange Program
440-845-2444 ext. 163