Course Registration

Course Catalog 2018-2019

Course Catalog 2019-2020

Summer Physical Education Classes (Registration Deadline: June 1, 2019)

Course Registration Procedure is as follows:

1.  Counselors will distribute a Course Registration Worksheet to students (along with verbal instructions for completion) on the following dates:

  • Current Juniors: Tuesday, February 5
  • Current Sophomores: Thursday, February 14
  • Current Freshmen: Friday, February 22

2. Students are to complete this worksheet at home, with parental assistance.  This affords parents the opportunity to discuss class selections (such as electives) with the student, after reviewing:

  • Graduation requirements found in the Course Catalog for 2019-2020 that is linked to this webpage.

3.  Students must bring the completed course registration worksheet back to school on the following days and will enter the worksheet information into their Chromebooks:

  • Class of 2020:  Tuesday, February 12  (during Homeroom)
  • Class of 2021:  Thursday, February 21 (during Homeroom)
  • Class of 2022:  Wednesday, February 27 (during Homeroom)

4.  Soon after course registration is completed parents will receive an email from our Counseling Department with instructions on how to sign off on their students’ course choices through the MyPad portal.

  •  Class of 2020: Review email sent on February 15
    • Sign off by February 23
  • Class of 2021: Review email sent on February 25
    • Sign off by March 4
  • Class of 2022: Review email sent on March 1
    • Sign off by March 8