Bruinnovation Challenge Series

Calling all Bruinnovators! Now is your time to shine. The Bruinnovation Challenge Series is here, and we need you! Ready to get to work?

What Is This Series All About?

Padua is a wonderful place, but, like anywhere, we face a number of challenges. From small frustrations like not having a place to put our books down when we get water, to bigger issues concerning topics like student engagement, building improvements, communicating with one another, and keeping our Chromebooks charged. That’s where you come in. Crowdsourcing is a not a new idea, but it has never been a part of Padua culture…until now. We want your voices to be heard! We want your ideas to be put into action! We want you to have every chance to leave this place a little bit better than when you arrived. Put simply, we want you, as rising Franciscan Leaders, to make a difference.

How It Works

Each quarter we will announce a new challenge and the guidelines for submissions. A form will be shared and you will have one month to develop and submit your ideas. Once the submission period is closed, a team of educators will review the submissions and decide on the top three. Placing teams will win the following prizes:


  • First Place: Bruinnovation T-shirt, Bruinnovation water bottle, “Bruin Bucks” (to spend at Padua only), and lunch off campus provided by Mr. Stec, Mr. DiRocco, and Mr. Dzik.
  • Second Place: Bruinnovation T-shirt, Bruinnovation water bottle, Bruin Bucks
  • Third Place: Bruinnovation T-shirt and Bruin Bucks

But that’s not the best part. The best part is that your ideas will actually be put into action! Have an idea for improving the appearance of a specific space at Padua? A new product that may help address a problem? What about an entirely new student run initiative? All of these ideas, if workable, may very well become reality. What better way to be a Franciscan Leader than to leave your mark in the service of others? Come on Bruins, let’s get to work!

Contest Rules

  • Submitting teams can have no more than three members.
  • Submissions must follow the required format
  • One submission per group per challenge
  • Late submissions will not be accepted, though resubmissions are acceptable until due date
  • Be creative, be innovative, and have fun!


One of the most important skillsets to develop at this point in time is the entrepreneurial mindset. This mindset is made up of such skills and abilities as empathy, collaboration, opportunity recognition, innovative problem solving, courage, grit, public speaking, and perseverance. With technology becoming more and more powerful, it is imperative for students to develop these skills as they move beyond school and into their careers. While those not trained in the mindset complain about problems, entrepreneurial thinkers listen to these complaints, design creative solutions, and ultimately put their ideas into action. The Bruinnovation Challenge Series is designed to build theses skills in a fun and engaging way, while also building community and further teaching students the value in serving others.


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