Bruins Big Give 2020 Donors

Bruins Big Give was truly an extraordinary day. We are grateful for the generosity of the many donors in our Padua community who supported the Franciscan Fund during Bruins Big Give and thus far this year.

Through the help of many, we have the power to affect the lives of our students to be happy, healthy, holy and highly prepared. Gifts for the 2020-2021 fiscal year are welcomed until June 30, 2021. Click here to make a gift online.

Anonymous (35)

Mehboob and Zahra Abdullah, P ‘24

Mark and Loriann Abood, P ‘22

Clara Abraham

Stephen ‘90 and Jennifer Abraham

Beth ‘90 and Rick Adams

Louis ‘65 and Patricia Adimare

George and Mary Adzema

Michelle Aini, P ‘24

Gillian ‘02 and Julio Alarcon

Jennifer Allen, P ‘22

William and Patricia Allen

Elyse Andel ‘20

Deborah Andres

Joe and Sandra Andres

Brian Ansberry

Beth Arakaki ‘94

James ‘90 and Sharon Arcuri, P ‘22

Robert ‘66 and Kathleen Arendt

Eugene Arthurs and Rose DiFilippo-Arthurs, P ‘24

Sylvia Arthurs

John Atkins ‘20

John and Kelley Atkins, Jr., P ‘21

Maurizio Attili

Charles ‘76 and Mary Jo Bacik

Jared ‘01 and Kristen ‘01 Bacik

Jonathan and Cheryl Baker, P ‘21

Robb and Maria Baker, P ‘21

Beata Ballas, P ‘24

Ronald Ballas ‘86, P ‘24

Dana ‘04 and Kara Banyasz

Michael Baran ‘72

Michelle Barbosa

Randy and Annette Barle

John ‘82 and Rushelle Barsa

Brian and Vicki Barta, P ‘21

Michael and Charlene Barth

Michael ‘88 and Kathy Barth

Yosry and Nevin Basel, P ‘24

Michelle Bazzichi, P ‘22

William Beaver ‘89

Staci Becher, P ‘23

Brian ‘02 and Nicole Becka

Jack ‘68 and Kate Becka

Rita Becka

Jill and Harry Belcher, P ‘23

Kristy ‘88 and Daniel Bender, P ‘24

Thomas ‘67 and Lynn Bender

Robert Benson ‘65

Kristen ‘88 and Christian Bentley, P ‘23

Brooke Benz, P ‘23

James and Cheryl Berdin, P ‘22

Kristen ‘90 and Alan Berki

Rachel ‘01 and Matthew Berning

John ‘65 and Kathleen Bertin

Meredith Bertin ‘04 and Theo Zeman

Paul ‘68 and Patricia Bertin

Robert ‘75 and Judy Bertin

Meredith ‘10 and Alex Bertke

Filippo Biagiotti, P ‘21

Richard Bianchi, P ‘21

Michael ‘74 and Eileen Biehl

Ruth Ann and Bill Bielek

Mark and Allison Bobofchak, P ‘21

Brett Bodi ‘15

Alan Bogdan ‘71

Michael and Valrie Bohnak, P ‘21

Joan Bohrer

David and Elizabeth Bokros, P ‘23

Mandi ‘02 and Brandon Bolibrush

Jonathan ‘89 and Michelle Boncela, P ‘23

Geraldine Bondzio

Victoria ‘87 and Charles Bontempo, P ‘23

Charles ‘73 and Donna Bonvissuto

Linda Boots, P ‘24

Keith and Linda Borcuch, P ‘21, P ‘23

Michael and Trudy Bordonaro

Michael and Dawn Bordonaro, P ‘22

David and Megan Boscarello, Jr, P ‘22

David Boscarello

James Boss ‘68

Matthew and Angela Bova, P ‘21, P ‘23, P ‘24

Jennifer Bowers

Shawn Bowman ‘94, P ‘24

Jessica ‘03 and Biagio Boytim

Robert ‘84 and Carla Brandt

Greg and Rebecca Breen

Kathie Breest

Michael ‘77 and Leslie Brenner

Phillip and Donna Brickman, P ‘22, P ‘23

Glenn ‘96 and Renee Bridges

Dennis and Dawn Broadway, P ‘24

Mark Brody ‘70

Donald Bromeier

Michelle ‘92 and Scott Brousek, P ‘23

Richard and Pam Brown, P ‘24

Brent ‘89 and Holly Bucci, P ‘23

Scott and Cynthia Buchholz, P ‘22

Michael Buck ‘68

Walter and Carol Buczek

Kathryn Budzik ‘13

Douglas and Dawn Burcham, P ‘21

Joe and Grace Burke, P ‘24

Maddie Butler

Corey Buttolph ‘98

Chris and Laurie Byke

Laura Byrne-Buttolph ‘02

Fr. Johnpaul Cafiero, ofm

Jim and Maureen Callam, P ‘23

Timothy ‘68 and Shirley Calvey

Devon ‘03 and Alyson Campbell

Jeff and Wendy Campbell, P ‘22, P ‘24

Kimberly Campbell ‘90, P ‘23

Michael ‘75 and Patty Campo

Edward ‘69 and Judi Campobenedetto

Luciann Campobenedetto

Robert ‘73 and Lorraine Campobenedetto

Brandy ‘95 and Vince Cario, P ‘24

Vanessa ‘94 and Mark Carlson

Andrea ‘92 and Jai Carrillo

Br. Tom Carroll, ofm

Colleen Carter ‘99

Kimberly Cassidy ‘00, P ‘24

David ‘71 and Susan Catanzarite

Katie ‘00 and Dean Cates

Carla Cavanagh

Richard and Maureen Cerny

Cathleen Cerny-Suelzer ‘93 and Christian Suelzer

Richard ‘67 and Barbara Chakan

Stanley and Dolores Chalmers

Francis and Barbara Chandler

Amy and Jeff Chatlos, P ‘23

Edward and Karen Chatlos

John ‘99 and Tera Chmura

Michael and Christie Chojnacki, P ‘24

Arnold and Barbara Chonko

Geoffrey ‘78 and Carolyn Chunyo

Michael Ciechanowicz ‘74

Dennis and Christine ‘90 Cigany, P ‘23

Dennis and Patricia Cigany

Joseph and Joanne Cirigliano, P ‘21

Dan and Peggy Ciritovic, P ‘24

James and Mary Climer

Renee ‘90 and Vincent Close

James ‘71 and Joan Cochran

Silvana Colantuono ‘20

Vittoria ‘92 and Anthony Colantuono, P ‘21, P ‘24

Allan and Jennifer Cole

Matthew ‘96 and Laura ‘96 Cole, P ‘22, P ‘24

Terry Cooper ‘79

Michelle Corsaro, P ‘22

Jim Corsica

Madeline Costanzo ‘93 and Tyson Lambert

Antonello and Jean Cotugno

Stacey ‘04 and Dan Coxon

Bill and Deb Coyle

Teresa Coyne

Anthony and Julie Cozza, P ‘24

Jon ‘65 and Mary Louise Crook

Andrea and John Crossland

Peter and Lisa Csensich

Teresa Cuevas-Zemla, P ‘24

Lloyd and Heather Culpepper, P ‘24

Charles ‘65 and Wilma Cury

Larry ‘69 and Barbara Cuy

Donald ‘68 and Kathy Cybulski

Lisa ‘05 and Michael ‘05 Czech

Lucas Czerny ‘20

Rina Dabramo and Joseph Gulasey, P ‘23

Tony and Lisa Dabramo, P ‘23

Fr. Allan DaCorte, ofm

Alexis DaFonseca ‘07

Collan DaFonseca ‘11

Patrick and Mary Ellen Dailey, P ‘23

Andy and Amy Danylchak, P ‘24

Holly and Jon Davidson, P ‘21, P ‘24

Ronald and Halle Dawson, P ‘24

Kaitlyn DeAngelo ‘08

Michael DeAngelo ‘06

Michelle DeBaltzo ‘88

Amy DeCesare

Marnie and William DeCicco, P ‘21

Cecilia DeGirolamo

Deanna DeGirolamo

Dino ‘01 and Rachel ‘02 DeGirolamo

Vincent DelCalzo ‘65

Christine and Michael Delmore, P ‘23

Lou DeMattie

Richard ‘65 and Kathleen Demming

Candice Dempsey, P ‘22

James ‘69 and Cheryl Dever

Jennifer ‘93 and Andrew Devore, P ‘23

Megan and Shawn Dewey, P ‘23

James Di Marco

Fr. Mario DiCicco, ofm

David and Sheela Diederich, P ‘22

Anna DiFilippo

Dino DiFranco ‘16

Mike and Karen DiFranco

Victor DiGeronimo Jr., P ‘22

Debra Digeronimo, P ‘21

Daniel ‘91 and Amy ‘91 DiMarco, P ‘22

Nick and Gail DiMarco

Aileen Dingess ‘88

Ann-Marie ‘86 and Michael DiPaolo, P ‘21

Robert and Kimberly DiRocco

Kara Ditlevson ‘05

Corey Dobeck ‘10

Fr. John Doctor, ofm

Lawrence and Eva Dolan

Fr. John Dombrowski, ofm

Robert and Frances Dominak

Anne ‘96 and Tyler ‘95 Dorsey, P ‘24

Steven ‘89 and Daniela Dorsey, P ‘21

Michael and Deborah Dosen, P ‘21

Don Dossa ‘69

Mark ‘89 and Denise Driscoll, P ‘22

Brian ‘83 and Patricia Duffy

Colm ‘88 and Mary Duffy

Daniel and Lisa Duliba, P ‘24

Robert and Jennifer Dunham, P ‘21, P ‘24

Ted and Laura Dunlay, P ‘24

James Dvorak ‘67

Kenneth and Susan Dworznik

Christopher Dziedzicki ‘02

Matthew ‘01 and Jessica Dziedzicki

Ronald and Mary Ann Dziedzicki

Justin ‘01 and Tina ‘01 Dzik

Br. Tom Eaton, ofm

John and Margaret Ebner

Cynthia Edel, P ‘22

Daniel and Amy Ehrbar, P ‘21, P ‘23

James and Meegan Elliott, P ‘21

Gary ‘69 and Carol Ellis

Don and Elizabeth Erny, P ‘22

Jennifer ‘94 and Peter Eskin

Erin Eurenius ‘04

Grace Evangelou

Michael Evans ‘67

Robert and Michelle Evans

Timothy and Karyn Evans

Emily Fagan-Zirm ‘18

Lourdes Falconi ‘88, P ‘21, P ‘23

Robert and Sharon Falkowski

Robert ‘93 and Kara Falkowski

Patrick ‘72 and Linda Fallon

Fred and Mary Farage, P ‘24

Larry and Susan Fatica

Joseph Faulhaber ‘05

Steven Fellenstein ‘90

Megan Ferguson ‘17

Charles and Mary Fink

Joyce and James Fisher, P ‘21

Laura Flachbart ‘91, P ‘22

Ronald ‘65 and Kathryn Flachbart

Kellen Ford ‘13

Michelle Forgach ‘02

Rudolph Forgach

Bruce ‘67 and Linda Fox

Bruce Fox ‘98

Patricia Fox

Scott ‘84 and Sheri Fox, P ‘21, P ‘23

Matthew Frantz ‘10

Ann Marie ‘94 and David Frattare, P ‘22

Lanny Frattare

Spencer Frattare ‘20

Bianca Frech ‘17

Christopher and Alexandra Frech

Jerome ‘74 and Susan Friery

Stacy and Timothy Fry, P ‘23

Thomas Furman ‘73

Joseph Futey

Mark and Stacy Fyock, P ‘23

Cynthia Gabbard, P ‘21, P ‘22

Ronald ‘65 and Jacqueline Gade

Arlene Gagliardo

Thomas Galletta ‘08

Nicholas Gallo and Dyann Puszak, P ‘24

Mark and Lori Ganci, P ‘22

Richard ‘04 and Triah Ganim

Paul and Christine Garten, P ‘24

Charles ‘73 and Eileen Garven

Angelo ‘91 and Megan Gasparro

Lillian Gathers

John ‘85 and Tammie Gaughan, P ‘22, P ‘23

James ‘78 and Deborah Gaydosh

Kelly Gaydosh ‘12

Todd ‘10 and Christina Gaydosh

John Gazzo ‘72

Casey and Laura George, P ‘24

Nick and Janice Georgopoulos, P ‘23

Donald Gerda and Lynn Sample-Gerda, P ‘21

William and Liliana Gerding, P ‘24

Thomas ‘86 and Amy Gerity, P ‘21, P ‘23

Tim and Mary Ann Gerity

Monica Gervais ‘00

Mitch Gerycz

Kelly ‘00 and Paul Gibson

John ‘73 and Katherine Gierowski

Neal ‘77 and Charmaine Ginley

Kristen Gittinger ‘11

Richard and Lynn Gittinger

Emil and Cathy Giulivo

Joan and Timothy Giulivo

Natalia Glazar ‘20

Michael Glenny

Michael Goebel

William ‘68 and Dori Goebel

Mark and Robin Gomes, P ‘22

Amy ‘93 and Walter ‘92 Gonet

Lawrence and Catherine Gonet

Leonard ‘87 and Christine Gonet, P ‘23

Tosha Gonzales, P ‘23

Kathy and John Gorbach

Rachael ‘04 and Michael Gordon

Emily Goslee Wilford ‘95

Laurie ‘89 and Scott Grabowski

James and Sara Graham, P ‘21

Rae and Allison Grant, P ‘21

Pete and Amanda Grasson, P ‘22

Kelly ‘89 and Don Gratzer, P ‘23

Richard and Jennifer Gray

Randy and Debbie Green

Roseanna and Jim Green

Kerry Grenig, P ‘24

Russell and Robin Grenig

Mark Gresko ‘74

Mike Gross

Jennifer and Todd Groth, P ‘23

Kevin and Pamela Grycan, P ‘24

Colman Gulden

David Gutin

Andrzej and Iwona Gutowski, P ‘21

Christine ‘91 and Daniel Hahn, P ‘24

Andrew Halter ‘13

Thomas and Frances Hamzik

Thomas Hamzik ‘13

Isabelle Hanna ‘13

Robert Hanna

Greg and Stacy Hanson, P ‘24

Dave and Genevieve Hapker, P ‘24

Mary ‘92 and Matthew Harley, P ‘22, P ‘24

Debbie Harris, P ‘23

Luesecia Harris

Stephanie ‘96 and Kevin Hartman

Donna and Bob Hatters

Douglas and Tanya Hauck, P ‘21, P ‘23

Eric Hauser ‘73

Matthew Hebebrand ‘05

Allen ‘87 and Wendy Heinle

Dennis ‘94 and Melanie Heinle

Russell ‘88 and Laurie Heinle, P ‘23

Georgiann ‘06 and Alexander Heinly

Bruce ‘67 and Marsha Heinrich

Brian ‘86 and Elaine ‘86 Heinzerling, P ‘22

John Heinzerling ‘17

Peter Heinzerling ‘20

Philip and Kathy Helal, P ‘21

Ruth and Phil Helman, P ‘24

Ryan and Amy Helman, P ‘21, P ‘23

Joseph ‘65 and Maureen Hendricks

Eileen Herlihy ‘09

Eoin and Deborah Herlihy

Sheila Herlihy ‘07

Jerry ‘77 and Sommer Herman

David and Louise Hess, P ‘22

Richard and Melissa Higgins, P ‘24

Nicole ‘90 and Stephen Hilbert, P ‘23

Brian and Julie Hill, P ‘23

Katherine Hill ‘12

Gerald ‘65 and Marilynn Hiller

Kenneth and Jo-Anne Hipkins

William and Cheryl Hirsch

Christopher and Pamela Hobe, P ‘24

Douglas and Diana Hoffman, P ‘21

Bill and Janice Holland, P ‘21

Jack and MaryBeth Hollingsworth

Edmund and Elaine Hollo

Mark ‘70 and Elizabeth Hollo

Chestina Holly-Brown

Martha Holzheimer

Jim and Lisa Homady, P ‘21, P ‘23

Camille Hopkins

Jason and Brigid Hopkins, P ‘24

Melinda and Jesse Hosford, P ‘23

Kevin and Cheryl Hostelley, P ‘21

Gina Hotte ‘05

Robert ‘80 and Beverly Hottois

Amy Hout

Cindy Hruby

Edward ‘75 and Martha Hudak

John ‘84 and Kelly Iacobelli

Paul ‘79 and Janine Iacobelli

Nick and Beth Iafigliola

Giovanni and Darla Iannelli, P ‘21

Amy Iannello ‘95

Amy Ice, P ‘21

David and Kathryn Imbrigiotta

George Jacobs, P ‘23

Sherry Jakubiec, P ‘24

Amanda Jancewicz ‘15

Donna and Al Jankow

James and Mary Jankowski, P ‘24

Donald and Sally Janos

Michael and Amy Janos, P ‘22

George Jaros ‘65

Joseph Jastrzemski ‘74

John ‘70 and Renee Javorek

Richard and Mary Jaworski

Seth Jennrich ‘95

Robert Jentner ‘68

David and Kim Jesionek

Gerald ‘70 and Sandy Jindra

Myrtle Jira

James and Nancy John

Curt Jones ‘68

Lauren ‘93 and Shawn Jones

Michael and Constance Jones, P ‘23

Terry and Amy Jordan, P ‘24

Michael Joyce ‘70

Karen Judson, P ‘21

Dennis ‘68 and Barbara Juliani

Marcus and Melody Just, P ‘22

Christopher ‘05 and Amanda Kafcsak

Nicole ‘01 and Remon Kaldas

Todd ‘01 and Erin ‘02 Kalkbrenner

Jeffrey Kandzer ‘84

George and Ann Kast

Paul Kay ‘65

Thomas and Jennifer Kazimer, Jr, P ‘22

Sarah Kazimer ‘18

Thomas and Shirley Kazimer

George and Julianne Keco

Laurence Keith and Michelle Killin-Keith, P ‘22, P ‘24

Michelle ‘89 and Doug Keller

Michael ‘75 and Mary Kelley

Patrick and Laurie Kelley, P ‘21

Braeden ‘09 and Alicia ‘09 Kelly

Michael ‘78 and Cheryl Kelly

Craig Kennedy

Bassem and Margreat Keryacos, P ‘24

Robert and Lisa Kestranek, P ‘21, P ‘24

Michael and Karen Kilbane

Gina Kilner ‘14

Claudia King

David ‘87 and Shelley King, P ‘22

Emily King ‘16

Melissa and Jack Kinzie, P ‘24

Rich and Jennifer Kirkpatrick, P ‘21, P ‘23

Daniel and Angelina Kishmarton, P ‘21

Paul ‘67 and Dianne Kline

Ed and Terri Kman

Timothy Kniola ‘84

David ‘65 and Allison Knowles

Chris Knox, P ‘23

Stephen and Jennifer ‘94 Koces, P ‘21, P ‘22

Sandra Kocinski

Mary Ann and Thomas ‘71 Kocurko

Nathan ‘07 and Julie ‘07 Kolasinski

Andrew Kolcinko and Stacey Wolfe, P ‘24

Alexander Koler ‘20

Christine ‘87 and David ‘85 Koler

Emily Koler ‘16

Gerald Koler ‘86

Ian Koler ‘17

Lauren Koler ‘17

Matthew Koler ‘15

Michael ‘83 and Jayna Koler

Rebecca Koler ‘13

James Konchan ‘65

Douglas ‘79 and Sharon Kopscik

Richard Kovach ‘71 and Margaret Stasik

Joseph and Joy Kowalski

Eric ‘08 and Alyssa ‘08 Kozich

Dennis and Barb Kraemer

Kristopher and Michelle Krieger, P ‘21

Deanna Kristanko, P ‘21

Frank ‘77 and Teri Krivanek

Kimberly Krol

Ronald ‘70 and Margie Kruse

David Krusinski ‘88

Loraine and Jim Krzywicki

Kenneth and Sandra Ksenyak

Nichole and Kevin Kubit

Richard Kukawka ‘84

Antoinette Kula ‘06

James Kulich ‘75 Kulich

Dawn ‘00 and Joseph ‘95 Kulikowski

John ‘68 and Laura Kurtz

Brad and Brenda Kuvin

Jonah Kuvin ‘15

Ryan Kuvin ‘12

Amy ‘93 and Robert Kwiatkowski, P ‘21, P ‘23

Thomas and Michelle Lach, P ‘23

Deborah Ladina

Jacob LaGuardia ‘09

Joseph LaGuardia ‘06

Margaret Laheta

Michael ‘80 and Dianne Laheta

Frank and Barbara Lamb

Jonathan Lamb ‘02

Kevin and Patricia Lambert

Leandro and Angela Lampa, P ‘21

James Lane ‘66

Matthew Laneve ‘18

Samuel Laneve ‘16

Neil Lantry

Elizabeth ‘98 and Jason Lantz

Eric Larson

Joseph and Jeanne Latevola

Bridget Lavelle ‘88

Treina Lee, P ‘22

Kevin and Paula Leigh

Matthew ‘92 and Maggie Leigh, P ‘23

Pamela ‘87 and Kevin ‘89 Leigh, P ‘21

David Lekan ‘83

Regis ‘67 and Sandy Lekan

James Lenczewski

Dennis and Michele Leonard, P ‘22

Eric and Jessica Lewandowski, P ‘21

Mallory Lewis

Bernadette Liepold, P ‘23

Wayne ‘68 and Vivian Ligato

Rebecca Linnean ‘90

Sylvia LiPera

Joseph and Sharon Litke

Robert ‘83 and Chris Litkovitz

John and Katherine Litwinowicz, P ‘23

Dcn. Thomas and Gloria Litwinowicz

Samuel and Joelle LoFaso

Anne Long, P ‘23

George Lonjak ‘73

Amy ‘88 and Eric Lorius

James and Beth Lowe, P ‘24

James and Marilyn Lucko

Jane Luke

Robert Lull ‘06

Dennis and Karen Lynch, P ‘21

Rita Macaulay

Alyssa ‘11 and Mitch Mackiw

Todd ‘95 and Brandy Macpherson

Brian ‘89 and Kristin Madden

Daniel Madden ‘15

Robert ‘85 and Theresa Madden

Joseph ‘71 and Elaine Magoch

Nora Mahoney ‘06 and Matthew Jones

Thomas ‘76 and Lisa Maletic

Edward Mallinak ‘66

Elizabeth Malloy ‘11

Thomas Malloy ‘20

James and Sonia Malz, P ‘22

Robert ‘65 and Laurel Mamich

Dorothy Mangan

Lynda and Martin Mangan, P ‘23

Marco and Robin Manocchio, P ‘21

Thomas and Meghan Manson, P ‘22

Julianne and Nicholas Marchak, P ‘22, P ‘23

Sara Marganski

Michael ‘82 and Lori Margevicius

Paul ‘00 and Meghann Marnecheck

Jessica Marra ‘02

Lindsay Marra ‘09

Nicholas ‘76 and Karen Marra

Donna Martin

Michael and Kathleen Martin, P ‘21

Frank Martinek ‘73

Richard ‘79 and Simona Mason, P ‘22

Francis Massey ‘69

Richard ‘67 and Gail Massey

Steve Matia

James and Marcie Matier, P ‘24

Phili, P ‘69 and Lois Matisak

James and Cecelia Matowitz

Joseph and Kristin Matthew, P ‘21

Carrie ‘11 and Steven Mayer

James and Colleen McAdams

Alyce McCaffery, P ‘22

Nichole Mccarthy ‘96, P ‘21, P ‘23

Patrick McCartney ‘07

Linda McClenahen

Magen ‘03 and Matthew McClintock

Candy and Dale McConville, P ‘23

Daniel and Amy McElwain, P ‘21

William and Mildred McGonegal

Patrick ‘68 and Kathy McGoun

William and Susan McGregor

Aina and Paul McHugh

Patrick McIntire ‘14

Kevin McIver ‘73

Jill McNamara ‘88

Michael ‘65 and Susan McNamara

Kevin McQuade

Daniel and Anka Meges, P ‘23

Judith Mehalic ‘12

William ‘65 and Mary Lou Melchior

Franklin Melena ‘14

Christopher and Linda Mellis, P ‘21

Michael and Karen Melville, P ‘22

Jeffrey ‘80 and Mihaela Mercer

Jamie ‘02 and Josh Merold

Christopher and Joanne Meyers, P ‘24

Jim and Jackie Michko

Matthew Mickas ‘02

Dan and Kristen Mihacevich, P ‘21, P ‘24

Margaret Mihalus ‘18

Susan Milheim and Joe Lehane

Kaitlyn Miller ‘13

Richard ‘84 and Deborah Miller

Robert ‘70 and Jeanette Miller

Jason and Katie Milner, P ‘24

Patricia Minc

David and Pamela Mindzora, P ‘23

Briana Mino ‘07

James ‘80 and Cheryl Minute, P ‘24

Thomas ‘77 and Maria Miranda

William and Susan Misconish

Daniel Moenich ‘65

Steven ‘89 and Kate Mohr

Frank Molski ‘70

William ‘84 and Sherry Monachino

Denise Monaghan

Lisa Monn, P ‘21, P ‘24

Nancy and Brent Monnin, P ‘23

Pasquale ‘71 and Deborah Montanaro

Adarberto Montanez and Aracelis Delgado, P ‘24

Greg ‘70 and Gayle Moore

Tammy and Steven Morabito, P ‘23

Cristina ‘91 and Bradley Moran, P ‘21

Jaclyn Moran ‘14

Lynnette ‘89 and Jack Moran

Tammy and James Morehouse

James ‘86 and Holly ‘86 Morell

Aaron and Melissa Morrow, P ‘24

Allan and Madonna Morrow

Rick and Michelle Moscarino, P ‘21, P ‘23

Pearl Moser

Rob ‘86 and Daria Moss

Monica and Joe Mossbarger, P ‘23

Michael and Durene Motsis, P ‘22

Fadi Mourra and Jodi Porter, P ‘24

James Mullen

Jeanette Mullen

Richard ‘69 and Dodie Munn

Lesia Mural ‘10

Brian and Jeanne Murray

Joseph Myers ‘99

Edward ‘74 and Diane Nagorny

Bradley Nagy ‘02

James and Nancy Nagy, P ‘21

Jim Nagy

Roy and Joan Nagy

Michael Nairn ‘69

Chad and Jennifer Nance, P ‘22

Tom and Patricia Narducci

James Naso ‘71

Michael ‘84 and Jill Natran

Steven and Lesia Neff, P ‘21

Jennifer Neiman, P ‘23, P ‘24

George Newman Newman

Jay ‘66 and Nancy Noernberg

Peter Noga and Carol Padvorac, P ‘23, P ‘24

Ben Novotny ‘15

John and Laura Novotny, P ‘24

Michael and Farha Nowak, P ‘23

Adam ‘00 and Holly Nowicki

James Obrien, P ‘22

Michael Ochab ‘68

William and Janet O’Donnell

Richard ‘81 and Kim Oleksyk

Ryan and Kara Olman, P ‘24

Aaron and Mary Olson, P ‘23

Fr. Gregory Olszewski ‘79

Colleen O’Malley ‘03

Karen O’Neil

Melanie and Kurt Ornas, P ‘23

Thomas Orr ‘82

Kenneth ‘82 and Susan Ortiz, P ‘22

Bonnie ‘89 and Larry Oskowski, P ‘21

Aaron ‘06 and Kristen ‘06 Osysko

Patrick and Debbie Osysko

Sean ‘01 and Rachel Osysko

Rodney and Karen Ott

Richard and Patricia Pacula, P ‘21

Veronica Painter ‘09

Kenneth ‘72 and Mary Palcisko

James and Regina Palmer, P ‘22

Alberto and Berta Paneccasio

Connie ‘99 and Roberto Paniagua

Gregory Paparizos ‘20

Giuseppe and Theresa Parente

Mary Ann Pason

Kousiki Patra ‘90 and Saurabh Shah

Stacey Patrick ‘04

John and Renee Paulozzi, P ‘24

Julianna Pavicic ‘15

Leonard and Ruth Pekar

Kaila Pelto ‘20

Nicole Pelto, P ‘24

Patrick ‘73 and Sharon Perotti

Jennifer ‘04 and Jon Perry

Jaclyn ‘03 and Ryan Pessell

Claude ‘83 and Summyr Petek, P ‘22, P ‘24

Lemya Peterlin

Michelle Peters ‘11

Ronald and Lori Peterson, P ‘21

Sarah Peterson ‘14

Megan Peth ‘02

Paul Petras ‘15

Gary and Sherri Petrigac, P ‘22

Jacqueline ‘98 and Jeremy Pfadt

Natalie Piepsny ‘14

Ronald ‘80 and Renee Piepsny

Joseph and Lori Pinjuh, P ‘22

Marie Pinzone ‘18

Russell and Sheryl Pinzone

David and Samantha Piwowar, P ‘22

Jamie Plascak ‘99

Alexandra Platt Horvath ‘08

Mark ‘86 and Teresa Polatajko, P ‘22

Michael and Carissa Polevacik

Sarah ‘96 and Michael Polo

Charles Polomsky ‘76, P ‘24

Michael ‘67 and Jeanette Polomsky

Patrick Polomsky ‘07

Diane and Angelo Polzella, P ‘23

Constantin Pomirleanu and Corina Bulezuc Onciu, P ‘22, P ‘24

Laura Pomonis-Obloj, P ‘21

Michael ‘03 and Kristen ‘01 Popelmayer

Robert ‘70 and Sharon Popelmayer

James Posendekv ‘71

Tom ‘70 and Mary Poturica

Lucy Pozek ‘06

Nicholas ‘02 and Christin ‘02 Pozek

Thomas Predmetsky, P ‘24

Christine Prexta- Miltner and Kevin Miltner, P ‘23

Gary and Yvonne Prexta

Natalie Prusovic ‘18

Nickolas Prusovic ‘20

Bryan ‘06 and Emily ‘06 Puckett

Dennis ‘66 and Loretta Putinski

Kimberly Quade ‘04

Edith Quimper

Clare Rairden ‘01

Lindsey ‘05 and Gautam Rajan

Michael ‘96 and Heather Rakauskas

Elizabeth Ramos ‘88 and Joseph Thesing

Maria Ramundo and Joseph ‘79 Hanna

Erik and Paula Ranker, P ‘22

Charles and Lynda Rankin

Robert and Jan Rasch, P ‘22

Kathy Raso, P ‘21

Kimberly ‘91 and Mark ‘91 Rau, P ‘21, P ‘23

Marc ‘66 and Mary Ravas

Ronald Ray

Brian ‘06 and Erin Raymont

Christopher ‘99 and Erica Raymont, P ‘22

Gary and Mary Ann Raymont

Mary Ellen Recker

Robert and Holly ‘96 Recker, P ‘21, P ‘23

Colleen ‘98 and Sean Reilly, P ‘24

Erin Reilly ‘93

Tom and Linda Reisch

Joseph ‘83 and Terri Reitmeier

Angela Repinski ‘06

Raymond and Margo Ressler

Ralph ‘71 and Kathleen Reynolds

Ilsa Rich

Maria Rich ‘20

Beth Richardson ‘95, P ‘23

Robert ‘65 and Ginny Riester

Renale and Jennifer Rimbert, P ‘22, P ‘24

Christopher and Anita Ritodaro, P ‘23

Amy ‘94 and Edward Roback

Allyson ‘02 and Aaron Robinson

Thomas ‘66 and Elizabeth Robrecht

Frank and Lynn Rogers

Jorge and Anna Roman, P ‘22

Joseph ‘68 and Joyce Roman

George ‘65 and Carol Rooney

Michael ‘70 and Diane Root

Michael Rosby ‘68

Carl Rose

Hanna Ross ‘17

Madonna Ross ‘89

Roland Rovito ‘06

Laura Roztas, P ‘21, P ‘24

Brandi and Jeff Rucinski, P ‘23

Lisa Ruda ‘87

Donna ‘88 and Thomas Rudge

Chris ‘89 and Carrie Ruggiero, P ‘23

Marie Ruprecht, P ‘22

Darcie and William Rush, P ‘23

Clorindo and Beatrice Russo

Rene Russo, P ‘22, P ‘24

Gordon Rybicki ‘72

Michael and Christy Rypiak, P ‘22

Dave and Liza Sabol, P ‘24

Liza Sabol ‘96

Dave and Kathy Saffron

Michelle ‘87 and Scott Sanders

Rochelle Sanfilippo ‘02

Angela Sass

John and Louise Satory

Raymond ‘77 and Melanie Savarda

Heather ‘89 and Dave Scaglione

James ‘68 and Joan Schaefer

Fr. Dennis Schafer, ofm ‘69

Meggan Schenk

Meghan and Anthony Schepis

Thomas and Niki Schloemer, P ‘21

Andrew Schmiedl ‘01

Daniel ‘70 and Sheila Schmotzer

Richard and Audrie Schnaterbeck

Scott and Juliane ‘87 Schnell, P ‘22

Julie Scholle ‘98 and Scott Ross, P ‘24

Paul and Elizabeth Scholz

Allison Schroeder ‘16

Michael Schuessler ‘85

Robert ‘93 and Lacy Schuette

Richard and Jackie Schuler, P ‘23

Alicia and Adam Schulte, P ‘23

Terry and Nancy Schulte

Michael and Gabriella ‘97 Schuster, P ‘23

Michael ‘95 and Stacie Schwark

Richard ‘66 and Jane Scott

David Seagle ‘10

Raymond and Lynn Seballos

Ryan Seballos ‘13

Jon and Sandra Sedlacek, P ‘22, P ‘24

Kathryn ‘03 and Kyle Seibenick

Barbara Sekerak

Andrew Semall, P ‘24

Theresa Semancik, P ‘22

Alexandra Shackleton ‘15

Olivia Shackleton ‘16

Mark and Kathy Shearer, P ‘24

Robert ‘88 and Rachel Shepard, P ‘21, P ‘24

John Shepherd ‘20

Mark and Elizabeth Shepherd, P ‘22

James and Leovi Shields, P ‘24

John Shipitalo

Kevin and Lorna Short, P ‘21

Andrew ‘95 and Tracy ‘97 Shuman

Joseph and Pam Shuman

Kamile ‘88 and Anthony ‘91 Shuman, P ‘21, P ‘23

Elyse Siciliano ‘03

Paul Siciliano ‘99

Joan Sidon

Michael Sidoti ‘80

Bruce Skowronsky ‘66

Richard Skupski ‘85, P ‘24

Ed and Pat Slifka

Karyn Slifka and Dennis Meder, P ‘22

Keith and Cheryl Smiley, P ‘22

Carson Smith ‘20

James ‘74 and Cheryl Smith

Kenneth ‘03 and Elizabeth Smith

Kim Smith ‘89, P ‘22

Terrence Smith and Valerie Gottfried-Smith, P ‘22

Thomas Smith ‘87 and Lori Bogus, P ‘21

Timothy ‘10 and Erika Smith

John Smutek ‘65

Linda Smythe

Andrea Snyder ‘20

Steven and Margaret Snyder

Matthew Sobey ‘98

John and Joanie Soeder, P ‘22

James ‘12 and Nautica ‘12 Solano

Joanna Somerville

Angelique Sonego, P ‘21

Charles Soprano ‘65

Thomas ‘82 and Jodie Sotak, P ‘21

Stephen Sowers ‘05

Daniel Speeth, P ‘21

Kaitlyn Spilker ‘05

Jeffrey ‘70 and Genie Stadnik

Craig and Karen Stalder

Thomas ‘65 and Deborah Stasek

Ronald Stavnicky and Monika Glazar-Stavnicky

David ‘86 and Beth Ann Stec

Fr. Robert Stec ‘79

Jim Steffen

Stephen and Margaret Stefka

Eric ‘74 and Valeri Steigerwald

Kurt ‘82 and Karen Steigerwald

Heather ‘96 and Nick Stevens

Martin ‘82 and Mary Stevens

Michael and Genmarie Stiber

Raymond Stolarski ‘71

Amy ‘97 and Michael Strmac, P ‘21, P ‘23

Mark and Laura Stroempl

Daniel Stupka ‘92

Edward and Patricia Stupka

Michael Sturges ‘05

Stephen Suding and Anne Ladd

Charles and Elaine Suhay

Gregory ‘82 and Joni Suhay

Jeffrey Suhay ‘93

Milan and Rita Sulic, P ‘21

Alton ‘67 and Margie Sulin

John ‘71 and Gwendolyn Suminski

Julia Suvak ‘09

John and Amy Svadba, P ‘22

Logan Svadba ‘20

Pat Svihlik

Gary Sweda ‘65

Gloria and James Sweeney

Michael ‘08 and Kayleigh ‘08 Sykora

Ollie Symons ‘87, P ‘23

Lou and Mary Jane Syroney

Theodore Szelag ‘06

Stanley ‘70 and Marilyn Szwed

Natalie Tahsler, P ‘22, P ‘24

Gina Talerico ‘17

John Talion Jr.  ‘20

John and Angela Talion, Sr, P ‘23

Brian and Colleen Tamulewicz, P ‘21

Anthony and Anne Taylor, P ‘22, P ‘23

Anthony and Kristi Terry, P ‘21

Thomas ‘67 and Linda Tetlak

Cassandra Tetorakis

Erica Thein ‘20

Greg and Jamye Thein

Jill ‘97 and Dave Thein

Chris Thomas, P ‘23

Melanie ‘99 and Bob Thuemling

Karen Thunberg

Christopher Tibbs ‘65

Jeffrey ‘88 and Erin Tkachik, P ‘24

Michael and Marion Tomasko, P ‘21

Corky and Dee Tomaszewski

Robert Tomkalski

Debra Toothman

Gregory ‘72 and Loretta Torbinski

Marc ‘98 and Aja Toth, P ‘22

Don ‘71 and Louann Trew

Sandra Trudell

Duc Truong and Anh-Thy Truong-Le, P ‘21

Cullan and Lannie Uhlinger

Gerald Ulaszewski ‘72

George and Nada Ungvarsky, P ‘22, P ‘23

Nicholas and Kimberly Vah, P ‘21

Bernadine Vance

Kellie Vaughan ‘11

Mary Vavruska ‘20

Robert Vavruska and Mary Rossley

Dominic and Angela Ventura, P ‘21

Eric and Tanya Verderber, P ‘22

Alyssa Verdino ‘08

Jenna Veres ‘14

Michael ‘99 and Staci ‘99 Vetrick

Gerald ‘65 and Shirley Vilinsky

Andrea ‘00 and Derek Von Der Vellen

James ‘65 and Maureen Von Lehmden

Catherine Vorobel

Gerald ‘66 and Nancy Walsh

Theodore Walsh ‘20

William Walsh and Suzanne Plante

Dawn ‘93 and Arthur Ward, P ‘21, P ‘23

Br. Michael Ward, ofm ‘79

Kimberly ‘99 and Tyson Ware

Linda and Joseph Wasco

William Wasco ‘87

Todd Wasil and Leeann Hochevar, P ‘22, P ‘24

Robert and Charlotte Waskielis

Michael and Cathy Watkins

Jeremy and Mary Watson, P ‘24

David and Kathleen Weber

Tracie and Stephen Weber, P ‘23

Adam Wegas ‘20

Maria and Ronald Weinberg, P ‘23

Michael ‘70 and Kathy Weindel

Anna Welch ‘05

Thomas and Lisa Wells

Adrian Wenzel, P ‘23, P ‘24

Kristie Wenzel, P ‘23, P ‘24

Albert Wesley ‘67

James ‘78 and Mary Wetter

Thomas and Lynn Whitely, P ‘21

Malise Wiles

Denise Wilkens

Bernie and Sally Willoughby

Holly ‘96 and Daniel Winar, P ‘24

Lora Winger

Jennifer Wirth, P ‘23

Walter Wirth, P ‘23

Emily Wirtz ‘20

Aubrey ‘01 and Joseph Wise

George and Barbara Wisniewski

Lynn Wisniewski ‘87, P ‘21, P ‘22

Helmut Wittine ‘76 Lori

Michael Wojdacz ‘67

Randy and Jackie Wojtkiewicz, P ‘24

Timothy ‘68 and Kathleen Wolosz

Caroline Woodie ‘94

David and Holly Woytek, Jr, P ‘22

Kathryn ‘04 and Mark ‘97 Wozniak

Allison ‘99 and Mark Wukotich

Lisa ‘13 and Joshua Wynn

Rosemary Yanik

David Young ‘83

John Zaccardelli

Holly Zadony ‘04

Melissa Zagata ‘90 and Athena ‘97 Mericsko

Kim Zahler ‘92

Maryanne Zamborsky

John and Carole Zanath

Claudio and Marianne Zanin, P ‘21

Martin ‘70 and Melody Zanotti

Amanda Zapora ‘08

Mary Jane ‘88 and Alan Zarach

Nicholas and Stacy Zawoyski, P ‘22

Ray Zeakes

Bernard and Phyllis Zelenskas

Chris and Donna Zgrabik, P ‘21

John and Patricia Zickes

Steven Zikeli ‘11

Kathleen Zip, P ‘06

Gene Zoladz, P ‘23

Mary and Daniel Zolkowski, P ‘23

Joseph Zver, P ‘24

Melissa Zver, P ‘24

Victoria Zywiec