Open House 2017

October 29th, 2017 | News

Thank you to all of the families who joined us for Open House on Sunday, October 29, 2017 and Thursday, November 2, 2017. We enjoyed meeting you and hope you’ll join us on campus again soon!

Raffle Winners on Sunday, October 29

$1,000 Tuition Voucher Winners:

  • Sophie Schweter – 8th grader at St. Charles
  • Anna Lindenmuth – 8th grader at St. Albert the Great

$30 Bruin Shop Gift Certificate Winners:

  • Joseph Bontempo – 7th grader at St. Albert the Great
  • Sara Broadway – 6th grader at Holy Family
  • Thomas Borcuch – 7th grader at St. Michael
  • Mason Bitterman – 7th grader at St. Anthony

Raffle Winners on Thursday, November 2

$500 Tuition Voucher Winner:

  • Shlock Ghiya – 8th grader at Incarnate Word Academy

$30 Bruin Shop Gift Certificate Winners:

  • John Scally – 7th grader at Sts. Joseph & John
  • Clare Vavruska – 5th grader at Sts. Joseph & John