Padua Launches E-Sports Program

March 20th, 2019 | News, News 2019

Padua is now offering online gaming as an extracurricular opportunity for students. Esports Club is now in its first season, as of spring 2019.  Esports – or electronic sports – are competitive multiplayer online games. They embody the same head-to-head spirit found in video gaming – with rules, regulations, guidelines, teams, schedules, shared venues, tournaments and championships.

Many universities are now offering scholarships for video games. A Padua senior, who has been competing in esports at the individual level, has received an esports scholarship to play for the University of Akron.

Aside from possibly earning scholarships, students are also gaining critical thinking skills, learning about strategy, teamwork, programming and management, which will all come in handy in college and beyond.

Mrs. Elizabeth Oles Smith and Mr. Rich Kirkpatrick will serve as moderators of Padua’s Esports Club. “This a hobby that our students are passionate about. We want to encourage them and give them a pathway to college and possibly a future career,” said Mrs. Elizabeth Oles Smith.

The High School Esports League spring season runs through the end of April, with playoffs and finals starting in May. Bruins will also have opportunities to participate in Esports Club in the fall.