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About Our Counseling Department

As a vital part of the Padua Franciscan High School community and educational mission, the fundamental purpose of the Counseling Department is to help and assist students to realize their full potential in their lives in and beyond high school. Grounded in the belief that professional school counselors are first and foremost advocates for students, the Counseling Department provides a comprehensive school counseling program to enhance the academic, career, and personal-social skill development of all students. We encourage self-understanding and self-awareness coupled with sound decision-making skills. Through collaborative partnering with parents and guardians, school staff, and other educational professionals, Padua Franciscan’s professional school counselors facilitate academic success while fostering the personal and spiritual growth of every student.

Our students receive more individual attention:

  • Our counselor-to-student ratio: 150 students per 1 counselor (recommended national counselor-to-student ratio: 250 students per 1 counselor)
  • Students have the same counselor throughout their junior, and senior years
  • Our counselors meet regularly with Campus Ministry, administrators, and the nurses to collaborate and share information on students that may need additional assistance
  • Our counselors organized a grief group for students who have lost a loved one


Mr. Virgildee Daniel, M.A., M.Ed.
Department Chair

MedTrack Students, all grades
Advanced Placement Program Coordinator
Services for Students with Disabilities
Military Liaison – Service Academies, ROTC, Enlistment

Ms. Meredith Bertin ’04, M.Ed., LPCC, CDCA
Senior & Junior Class:  O – Z
Senior Newsletter

Mrs. Jennifer Holz, M.A.Ed., P.C. 
Senior & Junior Class:  I – N

Mr. Andrew Shuman ’95, M.Ed.
Senior & Junior Class:  A - H
Job Book, Scholarships
Assistant Advanced Placement Program Coordinator

Mrs. Melissa Smyth, M.Ed.
Sophomore Class
Testing:  P-SAT 

Mrs. Mary Lou Sidoti, M.Ed.
Freshman Class
Summer Institutes

Mrs. Martha Holzheimer
Counseling Secretary

College Now Greater Cleveland (formerly Cleveland Scholarship Program)
Financial Aid counseling, Scholarship search and opportunities
Mrs. Pamela Sandoval – Mondays, by appointment only; contact Counseling Department Secretary, Mrs. Marti Holzheimer.

Padua Franciscan High School’s CEEB Code:  364018 Padua Franciscan is both an ACT (204050) and an SAT (36-515) Testing Center.

Counseling Department Brochure

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College Representatives

Padua Franciscan High School welcomes college representatives.  Please contact Mrs. Marti Holzheimer, Counseling Department Secretary, at least three weeks in advance.