MyTrack Business

MyTrack Business is a four-year program for those students who seriously want to further education in the business field whether it be accounting, entrepreneurship, marketing or technology. Click here for the MyTrack Business curriculum.

MyTrack Computer Science

MyTrack Computer Science is a four-year program for students who want to pursue an education in the Computer Science field including programming, engineering, or technology.  Click here for the MyTrack Computer Science curriculum.

MyTrack Engineering

MyTrack Engineering is a four-year program for students with a serious career interest in the engineering field and those who want to pursue a sound academic foundation for a college engineering program upon high school graduation.

MyTrack Studio Art

MyTrack Studio Art is a four-year program for students who desire to be involved with the visual arts as a future career or serious vocation.  The curriculum will develop and go beyond the fundamental skills of drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Click here for the MyTrack Studio Art curriculum.