Pastoral Counseling

Working in conjunction with the Padua Franciscan High School Guidance Department and the school psychologist, Campus Ministry helps to create a safety net of student services.

Students who are in distress are welcome to stop into Campus Ministry to talk. If the student in crisis needs more than just someone to listen, Campus Ministry works to connect the student with adults in the building who can best help the student through the difficult times he/she is experiencing.

Some of the adults that Campus Ministry works with to create a safety net of student services are: the guidance counselors, school nurse, administrators, individual teachers, tutors and outside resources who can help the students. When needed we help the students reconnect to their parents when they feel far from them.

The goals are to help students know that they are not alone and to give the students skills to deal with their current situation. We hope that all students feel part of a community that cares about them.

We hope that the students in turn will reach out to others, bringing the peace and healing of Jesus to all those that they encounter.