Spiritual Life

Kindness. Generosity. Faith. Courtesy. Compassion. Community. Respect.

stFrancisThese were the values held closely by St. Francis of Assisi nearly 800 years ago, and they are the values upon which Padua Franciscan High School operates today. St. Francis believed, as we do, that learning should be shared in the companionship of others to celebrate the gifts God has given each student, including his or her special talents and abilities.


IMG_1677Our full-time campus ministry staff is always available when you need guidance. We all get involved in meaningful service projects that truly make a difference in the world. Our theology classes are the best anywhere. And we celebrate God together in a variety of ways, from monthly student Masses to exciting retreats.

The Spiritual Life program at Padua helps the students to grow in their faith.

The components of the Spiritual Life program are:

The components of the Spiritual Life program dovetail to provide the students with an experience of God in community. Students are encouraged to examine and deepen their personal commitment to the Lord.

TThe Padua Mission Statement states that our students will be invited to grow in holiness and in learning over their years at Padua Franciscan High School.

TStudents grow in holiness as they deepen their relationship with God and with others through retreatspeer ministry, Franciscan Traditions and other experiences that bring faith to life.

TStudents are invited to grow in learning as they deepen their understanding of their faith in Theology Classes and through other learning experiences.

TThe Padua Service Program invites the students to grow in their relationship with our brothers and sisters who are poor and marginalized by society. Students are invited to experience the presence of Jesus as they interact with others.